Pinterest – Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbeque


I’m loving Pinterest more all the time with these delicious recipes. Granted some of them were disappointing, but this was not one of them. It won 3/3 votes that it was delicious! Definitely making this again!


Pinterest – Chicken Enchilada Dip Roll-Ups

OH.MY.GOSH. This was most definitely¬†one of my favorite Pinterest recipes so far. It was so easy, quick AND delicious. This would make a great party/finger food. I meant to take a picture as I was lining a bowl with some to take to a friends’ house but forgot because I was too busy eating them haha I’m sure this will be made again soon & I’ll try to remember to take a picture then.

Pinterest – Loaded potato casserole

So Saturday we tried the “Loaded Potato Casserole” recipe from Pinterest. It wasn’t gross, but it wasn’t really great either. I felt like it was almost missing something but I couldn’t figure out what. Also a note – it called for a regular ranch dip pack but we only had fiesta ranch. I thought it tasted good with that, but Nick thinks the regular ranch might have worked better. I meant to take a picture, but didn’t (slacker, I know). If we ever make it again though, I’ll try to remember.

First snow 2012


I’m not a fan of snow but this was pretty & our first snow of 2012. I guess truly I’m not a fan of the frozen ice that comes after the snow melts; snow is okay. It’s just not as appealing when you have a job because theres no such thing as snow days (unless you’re a teacher, but I’m not).