Here we go…

Okay, I’m really getting on a kick with the organizing/rearranging of things. Yesterday at work I had this sudden jolt of borderline genius ideas of what to rearrange at home. It suddenly clicked that several systems I’m using are not that beneficial & could be put to much better use elsewhere. I immediately started making a list of all the ideas for each room so I wouldn’t forget them. I actually went through several yesterday when I got home & I’m very pleased with the changes so far. I’ll list a few here because I’m that happy with the changes & also that proud that I got all of this done in just a couple of hours yesterday evening

  1. Cleared off the old computer stand & sorted through everything that was on it to relocate or trash
  2. Moved said computer stand outside to be sent off with the trash which gave my living room a whole new area of space
  3. Rearranged several items in the kitchen for more convenience & smart storage:
    • Moved less used items to the microwave cart that is a little hard to access than the cabinets
    • Moved less used glasses {margarita/tall beer mug/ect} to a cabinet that was empty which allowed more room & easier access to regularly used glasses {i.e. coffee cups :) }
    • ^ previous changes allowed me to put all of my crockpots of different sizes together which makes much more sense
    • Organized several bowls & skillets so it looks much better in that cabinet & also made them much easier to access
    • Moved my Ultimate Brownie Pan box to a weird corner cabinet which freed up more space for more regularly used pans {cookie sheets/muffin tins/etc}
  4. I had an old shredder that was broken but had still been sitting in my kitchen for at least a year (it was broken before I even moved in yet somehow it still made the trip to the new house). Anyway I had the bright idea to use that guy in the laundry room as a “lint trashcan.” It may sound silly but the way my house is laid out & where trash cans are is all off & with the dogs there’s always a super decent amount of lint/dog hair after every.single.load so this actually made perfect since & I came to appreciate it during the 3 loads of laundry I did yesterday evening.
  5. I also rearranged the baking cabinet because I had the cookbooks on an easy access shelf when I don’t really use them all that often & I had cookie mix & other more regularly used items down lower. I did a switcheroo & brought the regularly used food baskets up to the easier access shelf. Everything is still accessible it just makes much more sense now which possibly means more cookies & who doesn’t want that?

I actually did get a small start on the exercise front too. I took Leonidas (I chose him because he needs the leash walking experience & he’s in the cage all day because he’s still in the chewing/pottying in the house randomly stage so any extra exercise is really good) to the park with my cousin & his dog & that was a good start. Unfortunately the weather has been pretty much rain here lately so we only went the one day but I definitely want to go more. I’ve made the conscious decision to use my Fitbit as a starter goal. It suggests 10,000 steps including 6 floors a day for a total of 70,000 steps per week. That really doesn’t seem that bad but I’m only averaging 3,500 steps or so per day & that’s terrible! Even the day we walked at the park I only got 6,403 steps that day. I miss the days when I went to Zumba several times per week because I hit my goal almost every week & had so much more energy. Honestly I just can’t afford it at this point in time but hopefully soon I can because I really enjoyed it. Until then I’ll have to suck it up & walk or find another way to meet my goals but I’m going to make it happen!



Organizing Progress

Still no start on the exercise – the motivation is there, but the organizing/removing clutter/etc is over powering it & I’m okay with that a little bit. I’d like to get the organizing/clutter under control & then add in the exercise. I need to tackle each room fully & go through the house room by room but I get sidetracked & next thing you know – SQUIRREL! lol Okay, so it’s not that bad but I do need to focus on finishing one room before moving to another. I do agree with what I’ve read most places that progress however small gives you a sense of accomplishment which keeps the ball rolling. I went through the TV stand in its entirety (several baskets included) & cleaned it with Windex really good. It’s a 2 shelf glass TV stand – whose bright idea was it to get a glass TV stand? Oh that’s right, mine. & I’ll never make that mistake again. Live & learn I suppose. Anyway – I took everything off except the TV & cleaned it really good, tossed things that needed to go & reorganized it. It looks much better (well it did for the 5 seconds before you could see dust on the glass again – ugh!)

I really need to clear out the front bedroom because it’s serving no purpose right now except to store non every day stuff but there’s an old bed in there that’s taking up valuable space that needs to come down & then I could organize it better. I really need to over haul it & get rid of things too. There’s a lot in there that could go & hopefully will go soon.

I tried a recipe I saw on Pinterest for banana muffins. First off – I must say I was VERY proud of myself as this is only the second thing I’ve ever made from scratch & they rose up & had the muffin texture & looked lovely! However, they were not banana flavored enough for me. They had a good taste, but I wanted to taste more banana. Overall though – I’ll be keeping the recipe & just modifying it some to add more banananess (yep, that’s a word lol)

So for resolutions I’m not doing too terrible – I’m cooking/baking more & attempting to organize the house (which may just take me all year lol) but hey – slow progress is still progress, right? Right!


Delayed but not cancelled…

Well so much for the fitness start – it pretty much didn’t happen … yet lol I haven’t given up though; my start has just been delayed. I will say I’ve been getting organized more little by little & I like it. I definitely have so much clutter around here though & I need to be tossing a good bit of it so fingers crossed that I can get jumpstarted on that soon. On a random note – I can’t wait for Spring/Summer to be here because I’m over the rainy weather & more than ready for some cookouts!

My babies are getting so big too. Leonidas will be a year old on February 1st & I hate it. I love having my boys at the puppy stage. Though I’m very much ready to be over the chewing up everything, randomly going to bathroom on the house, having to be in the cage when Mommy is gone stage.

I threw together a “recipe” if you will that I saw on Pinterest. I quote it because it’s more of a bit of a snack but basically it was bananas in between 2 vanilla wafers & I added peanut butter to it. Perhaps I had my expectations too high, but it wasn’t as great as I had imagined though. It’s definitely not the worst thing I’ve ever had but I think I’ll stick to regular old peanut butter & bananas in the future.

I just wanted to throw a short & sweet one out there but hopefully I’ll have some good fitness updates soon … hopefully.



I don’t know what it is that makes me procrastinate so much when it comes to new routines, life changes, etc. I’m a huge procrastinator in general which I feel is a terrible quality to have. You’d think by me realizing that I would change it, but I don’t. At least in the end when I get around to doing said things, I don’t half ass them. I might do them late or have bad timing, but by golly when I do it – I give it my all. That being said, I haven’t started any of my resolutions yet – am I on the ball or what? I keep thinking that when I start walking/running that it will become an addiction like I read about where you almost have to run because you feel the need. I want that need & desire but I have to get off the couch first to make that happen! I will say when I was doing Turbo Fire regularly or even Zumba that I felt much better & had more energy. I’ve definitely felt drained since I stopped going.

I plan to start the exercise goal tonight. I downloaded a free app called C25k Free. I read about it on someone’s blog & checked out the first part of it & it seems like a great way to get started (I hope so anyway!). So [fingers crossed] I attempt to get my butt in gear tonight & at least walk at the park if nothing else. I might start turbo fire back up too – maybe for raining days or something because it definitely gets my heart pumping & I do feel better afterwards. I like that extra energy & the good endorphins feeling. All of these good things will have to wait until this evening as I’m stuck at work until 4:30 [thumbs down]. I could walk while I’m at work but stupid me wore backless shoes today & there’s no way I’m walking in these bad boys. I attempted it once before & it was a bad idea.

I started today with a pounding headache & then back pain – let’s hope tonight ends better than this morning started.


The boys


What better way to introduce my babies than to post a photo of them with their ridiculously pathetic “sad puppy” faces? Blaze (left) is 4 years old, 100 lbs (though he think he’s a 25 lb lap dog), he has a super vicious sounding bark but he’s sweet as can be, he listens, he loves to have his picture taken & will sit for the camera & he is a huge cuddle bug. Leonidas (right) on the other hand is my 11 month old hellion. He’s about 50 lbs, has a puny bark but he sure tries to sound like a badass, he has more energy than I have ever seen in a dog that I hope is just the puppy in him & he makes the silliest faces I’ve ever seen. They both give me lots of love & laughter & I don’t suppose I could ask for much more.


New Year, New Me (hopefully anyway) :)

So here I am again – the start of a new year & hoping to actually buckle down & get this thing going. I’m hoping to meet all (or at least most) of my resolutions this year. I feel like everyone says that or at least hopes for it every year, yet we keep setting most of the same resolutions because we didn’t meet them last year. I will say I did successfully meet some of mine from last year though I’d have to look at my list to see how many exactly.

Of course everyone wants to know what your resolutions are & I feel it might hold me more accountable to put it all out there so here it is:

2013 Resolutions

  1. Lose weight / eat healthier / exercise more
  2. Cook more
  3. Get out of debt as much as possible
  4. Take more pictures
  5. Work on the house

Those are in no particular order & I don’t think that’s all of my goals, but it’s not a bad start. I want to put “Pay off car” on there just for shits & giggles because my last car payment will be next Friday, but I won’t haha That will be a nice relief to have that payment gone. It would be an even bigger & more enjoyable relief if I didn’t have so much other debt. Dave Ramsey – speak to my soul & help me make my debt amount a lot smaller ~ Amen.

I’ve read several Dave Ramsey books & as crappy as my math/financial skills are – his words made perfect sense. Not to mention the freebie information you can get online is simple enough that a monkey could understand it. I just have issues with the self discipline part. Does that count as a confession? Isn’t the first step admitting you have a problem? Hopefully that means I’m off to a good start!