New Year, New Me (hopefully anyway) :)

So here I am again – the start of a new year & hoping to actually buckle down & get this thing going. I’m hoping to meet all (or at least most) of my resolutions this year. I feel like everyone says that or at least hopes for it every year, yet we keep setting most of the same resolutions because we didn’t meet them last year. I will say I did successfully meet some of mine from last year though I’d have to look at my list to see how many exactly.

Of course everyone wants to know what your resolutions are & I feel it might hold me more accountable to put it all out there so here it is:

2013 Resolutions

  1. Lose weight / eat healthier / exercise more
  2. Cook more
  3. Get out of debt as much as possible
  4. Take more pictures
  5. Work on the house

Those are in no particular order & I don’t think that’s all of my goals, but it’s not a bad start. I want to put “Pay off car” on there just for shits & giggles because my last car payment will be next Friday, but I won’t haha That will be a nice relief to have that payment gone. It would be an even bigger & more enjoyable relief if I didn’t have so much other debt. Dave Ramsey – speak to my soul & help me make my debt amount a lot smaller ~ Amen.

I’ve read several Dave Ramsey books & as crappy as my math/financial skills are – his words made perfect sense. Not to mention the freebie information you can get online is simple enough that a monkey could understand it. I just have issues with the self discipline part. Does that count as a confession? Isn’t the first step admitting you have a problem? Hopefully that means I’m off to a good start!



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