I don’t know what it is that makes me procrastinate so much when it comes to new routines, life changes, etc. I’m a huge procrastinator in general which I feel is a terrible quality to have. You’d think by me realizing that I would change it, but I don’t. At least in the end when I get around to doing said things, I don’t half ass them. I might do them late or have bad timing, but by golly when I do it – I give it my all. That being said, I haven’t started any of my resolutions yet – am I on the ball or what? I keep thinking that when I start walking/running that it will become an addiction like I read about where you almost have to run because you feel the need. I want that need & desire but I have to get off the couch first to make that happen! I will say when I was doing Turbo Fire regularly or even Zumba that I felt much better & had more energy. I’ve definitely felt drained since I stopped going.

I plan to start the exercise goal tonight. I downloaded a free app called C25k Free. I read about it on someone’s blog & checked out the first part of it & it seems like a great way to get started (I hope so anyway!). So [fingers crossed] I attempt to get my butt in gear tonight & at least walk at the park if nothing else. I might start turbo fire back up too – maybe for raining days or something because it definitely gets my heart pumping & I do feel better afterwards. I like that extra energy & the good endorphins feeling. All of these good things will have to wait until this evening as I’m stuck at work until 4:30 [thumbs down]. I could walk while I’m at work but stupid me wore backless shoes today & there’s no way I’m walking in these bad boys. I attempted it once before & it was a bad idea.

I started today with a pounding headache & then back pain – let’s hope tonight ends better than this morning started.



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