Delayed but not cancelled…

Well so much for the fitness start – it pretty much didn’t happen … yet lol I haven’t given up though; my start has just been delayed. I will say I’ve been getting organized more little by little & I like it. I definitely have so much clutter around here though & I need to be tossing a good bit of it so fingers crossed that I can get jumpstarted on that soon. On a random note – I can’t wait for Spring/Summer to be here because I’m over the rainy weather & more than ready for some cookouts!

My babies are getting so big too. Leonidas will be a year old on February 1st & I hate it. I love having my boys at the puppy stage. Though I’m very much ready to be over the chewing up everything, randomly going to bathroom on the house, having to be in the cage when Mommy is gone stage.

I threw together a “recipe” if you will that I saw on Pinterest. I quote it because it’s more of a bit of a snack but basically it was bananas in between 2 vanilla wafers & I added peanut butter to it. Perhaps I had my expectations too high, but it wasn’t as great as I had imagined though. It’s definitely not the worst thing I’ve ever had but I think I’ll stick to regular old peanut butter & bananas in the future.

I just wanted to throw a short & sweet one out there but hopefully I’ll have some good fitness updates soon … hopefully.



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