Organizing Progress

Still no start on the exercise – the motivation is there, but the organizing/removing clutter/etc is over powering it & I’m okay with that a little bit. I’d like to get the organizing/clutter under control & then add in the exercise. I need to tackle each room fully & go through the house room by room but I get sidetracked & next thing you know – SQUIRREL! lol Okay, so it’s not that bad but I do need to focus on finishing one room before moving to another. I do agree with what I’ve read most places that progress however small gives you a sense of accomplishment which keeps the ball rolling. I went through the TV stand in its entirety (several baskets included) & cleaned it with Windex really good. It’s a 2 shelf glass TV stand – whose bright idea was it to get a glass TV stand? Oh that’s right, mine. & I’ll never make that mistake again. Live & learn I suppose. Anyway – I took everything off except the TV & cleaned it really good, tossed things that needed to go & reorganized it. It looks much better (well it did for the 5 seconds before you could see dust on the glass again – ugh!)

I really need to clear out the front bedroom because it’s serving no purpose right now except to store non every day stuff but there’s an old bed in there that’s taking up valuable space that needs to come down & then I could organize it better. I really need to over haul it & get rid of things too. There’s a lot in there that could go & hopefully will go soon.

I tried a recipe I saw on Pinterest for banana muffins. First off – I must say I was VERY proud of myself as this is only the second thing I’ve ever made from scratch & they rose up & had the muffin texture & looked lovely! However, they were not banana flavored enough for me. They had a good taste, but I wanted to taste more banana. Overall though – I’ll be keeping the recipe & just modifying it some to add more banananess (yep, that’s a word lol)

So for resolutions I’m not doing too terrible – I’m cooking/baking more & attempting to organize the house (which may just take me all year lol) but hey – slow progress is still progress, right? Right!



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