Here we go…

Okay, I’m really getting on a kick with the organizing/rearranging of things. Yesterday at work I had this sudden jolt of borderline genius ideas of what to rearrange at home. It suddenly clicked that several systems I’m using are not that beneficial & could be put to much better use elsewhere. I immediately started making a list of all the ideas for each room so I wouldn’t forget them. I actually went through several yesterday when I got home & I’m very pleased with the changes so far. I’ll list a few here because I’m that happy with the changes & also that proud that I got all of this done in just a couple of hours yesterday evening

  1. Cleared off the old computer stand & sorted through everything that was on it to relocate or trash
  2. Moved said computer stand outside to be sent off with the trash which gave my living room a whole new area of space
  3. Rearranged several items in the kitchen for more convenience & smart storage:
    • Moved less used items to the microwave cart that is a little hard to access than the cabinets
    • Moved less used glasses {margarita/tall beer mug/ect} to a cabinet that was empty which allowed more room & easier access to regularly used glasses {i.e. coffee cups :) }
    • ^ previous changes allowed me to put all of my crockpots of different sizes together which makes much more sense
    • Organized several bowls & skillets so it looks much better in that cabinet & also made them much easier to access
    • Moved my Ultimate Brownie Pan box to a weird corner cabinet which freed up more space for more regularly used pans {cookie sheets/muffin tins/etc}
  4. I had an old shredder that was broken but had still been sitting in my kitchen for at least a year (it was broken before I even moved in yet somehow it still made the trip to the new house). Anyway I had the bright idea to use that guy in the laundry room as a “lint trashcan.” It may sound silly but the way my house is laid out & where trash cans are is all off & with the dogs there’s always a super decent amount of lint/dog hair after every.single.load so this actually made perfect since & I came to appreciate it during the 3 loads of laundry I did yesterday evening.
  5. I also rearranged the baking cabinet because I had the cookbooks on an easy access shelf when I don’t really use them all that often & I had cookie mix & other more regularly used items down lower. I did a switcheroo & brought the regularly used food baskets up to the easier access shelf. Everything is still accessible it just makes much more sense now which possibly means more cookies & who doesn’t want that?

I actually did get a small start on the exercise front too. I took Leonidas (I chose him because he needs the leash walking experience & he’s in the cage all day because he’s still in the chewing/pottying in the house randomly stage so any extra exercise is really good) to the park with my cousin & his dog & that was a good start. Unfortunately the weather has been pretty much rain here lately so we only went the one day but I definitely want to go more. I’ve made the conscious decision to use my Fitbit as a starter goal. It suggests 10,000 steps including 6 floors a day for a total of 70,000 steps per week. That really doesn’t seem that bad but I’m only averaging 3,500 steps or so per day & that’s terrible! Even the day we walked at the park I only got 6,403 steps that day. I miss the days when I went to Zumba several times per week because I hit my goal almost every week & had so much more energy. Honestly I just can’t afford it at this point in time but hopefully soon I can because I really enjoyed it. Until then I’ll have to suck it up & walk or find another way to meet my goals but I’m going to make it happen!



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