Too dumb to realize…

Over a month since my last post, really? That’s just pathetic. It definitely doesn’t make up for the entire month but for the last week I’ve felt the worst I have ever felt with an illness. The entire week. It was terrible & I don’t wish that on my worst enemy. What made it really bad was that I couldn’t pinpoint anything so I never made a trip to MedExpress or anywhere. I basically just turned into a partial zombie & slept the majority of the days. While I was grateful for the extra time at home with my babies I still felt absolutely terrible & I am so glad to finally be getting over it. I was starting to worry that would never happen.

I’ve also been rethinking working too many goals at one time. While I don’t think it’s a terrible idea, I’m not sure it would work best for me. Wouldn’t you know though these great wireless headphones I had ordered came in right before I contracted the illness so I didn’t get the opportunity to try them out. I’d really like to try them out soon but I’m going to give myself a few more days to fully recoup first just so I don’t take any chances. We have a Dirty Girl Mud Run coming to our area in April & I’d really like to get involved in that especially since it’s not really competitive & let’s be honest – they had me at the dirty+mud. So I definitely need to start some kind of exercise before doing that so I don’t look completely un-athletic.

So while the exercise goal has been put on hold slightly I’m still trying to go full blast on the organizing front. Obviously it was put on hold last week also because honestly the only thing I accomplished last week was sleep & the occasional shower (yeah it was that bad)! However since my last post though I did empty & reorganize my cabinets in the bathroom so that was a nice change. I’ve recently thought of some more ideas to try as far as rearranging that would be more beneficial so I’m going to try a few of those out tonight. Hopefully at least some of them work. I did watch quite a few episodes of Hoarders:Buried Alive while I was off so that obviously gave me some inspiration. I hate watching the shows that are house flips though because I’d love to have just a fraction of their money to flip my own house. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen much worse, but this house has more potential than I’ll ever be able to give it.

I’ve also noticed I have 0% decorating skills what-so-ever. I can pick out colors & themes but that’s not really that hard. What I can’t do is find the stuff that really make it feel homey like decide a layout for picture frames & shelves & things to hang on the wall, etc. My living room doesn’t have a single thing hanging up & I’ve been there over a year. I feel like everywhere I’ve lived has always looked more like a dorm than a house & hell some dorms look more homey than my houses have. I’ve never even had a coffee table & the only end tables I’ve had are the 2 pack ones from the dollar store that were supposed to be temporary. I did find a set I like at Wal-Mart though so that will be one of my soon future purchases, though the very next thing I’d like to spend money on is an out building. I need that storage so bad it’s not funny. I didn’t realize in the move just how much I’d miss the building from the trailer where I lived before. It was an immense help in the house looking decent. Regardless of decorating skill though I need to get the house more organized – my kitchen table is an absolute disaster which I feel like is something I inherited from my mom where it becomes a dumping ground for everything. That is a HUGE no no & you’d think by now since I’m aware of it that I wouldn’t do it — wrong.

I started this post to state that I intend to sign up (late of course) to Organizing Junkie’s 31 Day Organizational Challenge that I would like to do for the front bedroom that is also currently a dumping ground. You know how some women have a Monica closet? Well I have a Monica ROOM! So hopefully tonight I’ll remember to take some before pictures & figure out how to link up to the challenge & might I add challenge will definitely be the most appropriate & fitting word for that front room. If I can get it straightened up this month though it would definitely be a major accomplishment so here’s to giving it my best! Let’s just hope my memory doesn’t fail me this evening to remember to take before pictures before diving in on a few ideas for that room this evening.



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