Too young for this…

I don’t know if I’d said it before but to be as young as I am I have a terrible memory! Don’t get me wrong I don’t think I’m still 18 & fresh out of high school but at 26 I do feel like I should have a much better memory than I currently do. Maybe I should start playing my Brain Age game on the Wii more or something of that nature to get my mind really working every day. Who knows? I just know that it scares me to think of how terrible my memory will be at 40 if it’s already this bad.

Point being, I forgot to mention another resolution in my last post – the money/debt reduction resolution. Every one loves to talk about money, right? Yeah me neither unless it’s a certified way to make more :) Anyway – I had looked into a credit consolidation program because quite honestly I was just in way over my head. I had too many cards, too much money on them & way too high interest rates to ever get anywhere on my own. While I know it will negatively affect my credit score for a while, once they’re paid off I can start working my way back up & with much fewer credit cards which means less debt to still be paid off. Another great thing is all the cards I filed on will be paid off in 4 years. There’s no way I could have done that on my own, not to mention this program lowers my interest rates INSANELY. Which is another bonus. I hate that it came to that point but if I ever wanted to get out of debt fairly decently & be done with it – this program was the answer. & after figuring out how much money it would save me in the long run, it was well worth the temporary negative impact to my credit score. I understand this isn’t for everyone & some people would scold me for even doing it, but to each their own & I saw more power to you for whatever works for you.

On an even better note – the weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful! I was able to let the pups out & run out some of that pent-up energy! It was funny to watch them too – they make me laugh when they run & get all wild. The boyfriend & I also straightened up the back porch some & swept it off which made it look a lot roomier & much better. It’s crazy how much just dust/dirt/dog hair can make a porch look so dirty. The boyfriend also raked up some leaves in the yard so it looks a lot nicer out back & we discussed some plans for the yard once the weather gets warmer. I can’t wait to get an out building & then really overhaul my totes & inside the house for better storage! I’m ready to dive into the work on the house I should’ve started long ago when I first moved in. This is definitely going to be a great year!



2 thoughts on “Too young for this…

  1. Jess, congrats on having the balls to even look at your debt. And then you took a step to do something about it? That’s awesome, I know how scary it can be!

    • I’d been putting it off for too long already & I was ready to face it & attack it head on & get it over with. Now I just can’t wait to be debt free (besides my house) & I’m more motivated than ever to get better at managing money not to mention it’s an absolute relief to not have those cards available to charge on! Thanks, it was definitely scary but it’s been nothing but great changes. Dave Ramsey might not agree with all my moves but I think he’d be slightly proud & that works for me.

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