31 Day Organizing Challenge – Before Pictures

I’m linking up with Org Junkie!


I had taken these Before pictures the other day & finally got around to posting them. I agree with others who have posted that they think putting it all out there makes them more accountable. Plus who doesn’t like to receive feedback/suggestions that could help you with your process? I know for myself I will take any & all suggestions/recommendations.

The first picture is a view of the floor facing the closet towards the right. The stack closest to my right is a tote of cookbooks that I’ll be keeping plus the printer & items on top of it. The other boxes are all to go boxes except the one that says “cool” on it. Those are VHS tapes & it says “cool” because I wanted to make sure to keep them in a cool place when I moved. I realize now as I’m explaining it, that I’ve not been in that box since I moved in Nov 2011 which may be a sign that I need to go through it & purge some of those VHS’s – thanks guys!

This is a view facing the closet – what a disaster the floor is! This room has entirely been my dumping ground since I don’t have an out building but that is not acceptable!


This is a view towards a back corner – the green box is my bow case so that will be staying but could be stored better. The mattresses are both for sale so hopefully they’ll be gone soon.

Sadly – this is the most organized area of the room. The black organizer stand is a big help but not all totes fit there. It does help in keeping a lot of stuff off of the floor though. The grey & brown tote in front of the stand are both empty & are just in there to help me organize so that doesn’t count as clutter, right?


Since I’m such a procrastinator I already have a progress/update part 1 post to put on here – better late than never :)



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