31 Day Organizational Challenge -Progress – Part 1


I’m a little disapointed in the lack of progress the pictures show but hey! Slow progress is still progress & it ain’t over yet. The room actually does look much more improved than the pictures show, but hopefully by the end the pictures will show it too.

In the first picture I moved the huge tote & sorted it because it honestly had stuff that could be sorted in smaller boxes & some that could be trashed. Some of the blankets that were in the floor are now in the brown tote for storage.


It doesn’t look like much, but every little bit helps! It felt good to get some of that junk out of there – even the small bags because I still noticed a difference in the space. There was another decent sized box of things that I was able to sell but it left the house before I got a picture of though I won’t really complain on that since it gave me more room & brought in some money!


The old bunk bed frames need to go obviously but I think have to wait until our trash does bulk pick up which is the first trash run of the month so that won’t be until April 1st. I don’t believe we have a better option for disposal but I’ll ask around since that’s still a couple weeks away. If you notice the clothes stand is a few pieces shorter – I decided there was no sense in keeping shirts I dont want/wear/need so I added them to one of the donate bags as well. The floor looks a little worse in the picture on the right even though that’s an update picture, but the box of overflowing stuff in front of the large stamp was a donate box so it’s already gone & I was in the process of sorting & tossing more stuff in the second picture but went ahead & took it because I liked the bare look of the clothes stand. I’ll be tackling the room even more this evening to keep this thing moving & I’ll post those updates soon.




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