31 Day Organizational Challenge -Progress – Part 2 (pics will be in next post or added later)

I’ll try to take updated pictures tonight because progress is really starting to show now – finally! I reorganized the black stand to hold more totes which got a lot of stuff off the floor & really opened the space up.

As far as the bunk beds – hopefully they’ll be out before April now! I realized for the most part they were still in pretty good condition except the one bed needs a few new slats on the bottom which really wouldn’t be hard to do & the other one just needs some work where Leonidas gave it some love marks (chew & bite marks). So I posted it on fb for free since it’s obviously not in prime position & got 3 interested people in a matter of minutes so I feel better about someone still being able to use them even though they aren’t pretty but it’s better than sending them out with garbage when they’ve got at least several years left on them.

I really got in the mood to attack the room the other night & did some work. I put all the stuff I’m keeping in the room into one corner & everything else is either on the other side of the room, outside for trash or in the car to deliver for donation. I was very happy to see more than a few feet of carpet – it’s been awhile. There’s still a lot of work to be done & the closet – don’t even get me started but that might have to wait until I have an out building because it’s really just storage because it’s already been sorted except for the VHS tapes I might purge.

It feels to finally be tackling that room — now if I only had some extra $ to do some work on other rooms in the house … story of my life. It will happen one day though, proabably right before we sell it, but hey it’ll happen.



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