31 Day Organizational Challenge – Progress – Part 3


I can see carpet!! Who would have thought just seeing carpet space would give me such a sense of accomplishment? It feels good to have a lot of space in there now & I’m happy to say that hardly anything got thrown away which is even better because I love giving away good stuff that still has plenty of life left.

As you can see I rearranged some things that are still in the room. The back corner past the garmet rack in this first picture is items I’m keeping in that room & they will be more situated later. The mattress is still for sell so it’s just on the back wall to give me more space for right now.


Even more floor space – say WHAT? haha I love it. This room is by no means huge but I forgot how much space was really in there when all the clutter & mess was in there. It felt good to get so many boxes & so much unused stuff out of there.


In the updated picture on the right that corner with the bunk bed parts & the tote with more bunk bed parts will all be gone hopefully on Friday. The trash bag in front of the stand was taken out last night also so that’s another piece of junk removed!


Also – not sure if you noticed but there was a blog address change. The “jessdaily” just wasn’t me & I’m not sure why I had thought of that anyway – “countrygirlwv” has been my logins/usernames for years & it’s just who I am. It feels good to have it on here now too. :)

More talk has been going on as far as the out building. Dad made a suggestion that we could box in part of my back porch for an “out building” & that way I wouldn’t lose yard space plus it would be much cheaper. He had me hooked at “cheaper” haha No it really did make a lot of sense to just box in part of the back porch & I basically just use that part now to store stuff so it’ll just be boxed in & look better so that sounds like a plan to me! Hopefully we can get that done pretty soon once the weather warms up around here. I’d be happy to get some totes out of my closets & off other parts of the back porch. No worries – I’ll be sorting & purging before putting any totes in there once it’s built so hopefully I’ll get rid of more stuff that I haven’t been using.

Hopefully after clearing a lot of the junk out of the front room I can get my friend Bill to come take a look & see what he thinks & what he’d charge me to put the panel up in there. Yeah – the same panel that’s been sitting in my kitchen since Nov 2011 when I moved in. I’m not even sure if it would still be good to use so I’ll have to get his thoughts on that as well but that room is long overdue for new panel, but then it will look that much better & get me even more excited to get it setup how I want & keep it neat & organized.

2013 has definitely been a brand new year & a brand new me for sure & I am loving it!



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