More organizing (slightly) & a realization…

So I’ve done more organizing – slightly, but hey it still counts, right? Right :) Glad you agree. Tate was outside cutting grass & I figured I’d better get out there too & enjoy the beautiful weather we were having before the smoldering heat gets here. So I decided to spray off the back porch & sort through some totes out there that I’d been neglecting for months now. It’s awesome how once you get started organizing it’s almost as if it sets you on a roll to keep going & I love it! While it wasn’t much, it was still enough that I’m much happier with how it looks not to mention it gave me more space on the back porch between the totes & the swing. I didn’t get a picture that shows the extra space but I do have a before & after that shows the progress I did make from purging.


Now for the realization … I’ve been using the multiple timer app on my phone a lot lately. I originally downloaded it so I could have multiple timers going at once for the washer, dryer & the oven for dinner. However recently I’ve been using it for alerts. Alerts as in it’s time to start getting ready, it’s time to leave, etc. Have I really become one of those people? Nothing against anyone who has always used timers for alerts but I just have never been one & didn’t really think I would be. In a way I’m proud of myself for becoming more organized with my time as far as setting limits to keep us moving & get us going. I don’t have a lot of clocks in my house so this honestly has been quite helpful with not having to frequently tap my phone to see what time it is. I guess this possibly means I’m growing up haha I suppose at 26 it’s about time for that though.



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