Who doesn’t love a clean kitchen?

Is it just me or when you get angry/annoyed do you end up cleaning things you’ve been avoiding? Whether you’ve been avoiding it for a few days, weeks, months etc – you reach that point where you decide to take it out in the form of cleaning. While this is a bonus, I don’t like to reach that point. However, I’ve been ridiculously annoyed lately so I had already reached it. I love cooking on a gas stove but I hate cleaning it! The residue from the gas leaves such gross & terrible marks. I’m not sure if I took pictures when I first moved in but it used to be my Pawpaw’s house & let me tell you – old men don’t clean gas stoves. That thing looked horrible! The first time I super cleaned it & it looked amazing I vowed to keep it that way. Did that last? Of course not. I have every intention of keeping my house clean & organized to the fullest extent but that doesn’t mean it actually happens. But hey – I’m only human, right?

Anyway to say the least the stove had reached the point of looking pretty rough again. So add that to my super annoyed mood & you have a cleaning frenzy. I’m a fan of Spic & Span from the Dollar Tree store – yes the store where everything is simply $1. I’m cheap too – did I mention that? Honestly though I’d really like to get into using Shaklee & that’s next on my list but for now this stove needed cleaned ASAP & you can’t often beat $1 in price. So I decided this time to read the directions just for shits & giggles. Good thing I did because it turns out you’re supposed to let it set for 10 minutes & I’d never done that before. I was very pleased with the cleaning results of the Spic & Span – again, you can’t really beat it for $1. I also cleaned my kitchen counter off too because it was long overdue as well. Sadly my kitchen is probably my biggest downfall when it comes to cleaning.

So of course since everybody loves a before & after … TA DA!


Also a quick update in regards to fitness I walked 2 miles at the park down the road one evening last week & I owned it! It felt so good to keep walking & the more I walked the easier it got. Not to mention I had some music bumping in my head phones which made the motivation that much stronger. I definitely plan to keep going but the weather has been a little crappy here lately, but I think I might just walk anyway. I love the smell of fresh rain & a little rain never hurt anybody.