Yes, I’m still alive

Well somebody's been a slacker – yes, that would be me. I don't know what happens. I get on kicks & do great with updating even with pictures (which we all know gets bonus points) & then sometimes it's as if I fell off the face of the planet. But – go ahead & cancel the search party, I'm still here.

I’ve been enjoying Summer so the organizing sort’ve got put on the back burner. The house isn’t a total disaster, but it’s far from what it could be. I’ve realized I have a LOT of stuff I should probably get rid of because I’m bad about being one of those people that keeps things for “one day” & sure enough that day never comes. I’ve really enjoyed my Summer so far if that counts for anything :)

I also celebrated a birthday & while I’m not over the hill or close to it yet, I am already at the point that I don’t really care about them anymore. I do still enjoy cake & getting everybody together. I had a few friends & some family over & honestly it was probably one of the best birthdays that I’ve had yet. & I FINALLY got a flip n fold after asking for one for YEARS. Yes, I know I could’ve just bought one myself but that’s not the point. Needless to say Paul got moved to the top of my list for that one!

As far as finances, yeah that hasn’t got much better. I actually took out another loan to buy a truck off my dad. Just what I need right? A new payment & additional cost on my insurance. I do really want a truck & it’s proved to be beneficial so far but I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to keep it.

For fitness I had been on a walking kick & doing really good. I pushed myself a few times to reach the 1 mile mark before turning around (which make for a 2mile trip total woohoo). I tell you – 2 miles on a track & 2 miles up a rural hilly road are WAY different. I actually prefer the rural road to be honest because you don’t see the exact same scenery each time like you do when walking on a track. I haven’t walked for a few weeks now & I’m disappointed in myself & I can tell I’m lacking for energy too. I’m walking tonight though regardless of the weather & I’ve been trying to really get myself motivated to get more active & eat better. So here’s to progress!


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