Pizza problems

I’ve been meaning to post the last couple days but haven’t because of my typical procrastination tendencies however I have major good fitness news updates – woop woop!

I know to some it ain’t much but to me, anything additional for my exercise whether it be miles or other exercise is awesome. On Thursday my distance went from 2 miles to 2.66. Again, to some it ain’t much but to me I was very happy with the additional distance & especially calories burnt! It was a hellacious hill too so I very proud of myself that I not only went further but it was uphill for 1/2 of the way. I’m definitely getting momentum & a high from the exercise & ya know what? I LOVE IT! I hope this keeps up because I feel great & I love the high I get from exercise & how accomplished I feel. Not to mention if I can really get on board with the eating better & everything – I’ll really like the results! & I already feel better!
Life in general is just amazing right now & I can only hope it stays that way! It’s been a little cooler these past few days which I love & also it makes me think of Fall which is my absolutely favorite time of the year! I’ll really be outside more then so I can’t wait for the crisp, cool weather & beautiful scenery! It makes my heart happy just thinking about it!
On Friday my work husband brought me a gazelle & ab lounger so I can use that when the weather is bad outside. It also gives me motivation to purge more & get junk out’ve my front bedroom – it’s a win win really.
As the post is titled – pizza is a major problem of mine especially when it comes to weight loss. I absolutely LOVE pizza. I mean seriously love it – as in I could eat it every single day. Yes, it’s that bad. I know I need to rein it in though & limit it to my cheat meal because it is not healthy or good for my body. That will probably be one of my biggest struggles but I’m going to bust my ass to work on it. I’ve been spending several hours on pinterest looking up new food/meal ideas because when it comes to eating healthy I don’t really have much knowledge at all & need all the help I can get.
I want to make this happen! I really love the quote I’ve seen here lately that says “You aren’t a dog. Don’t reward yourself with food.” That is SO true because I know I’m guilty myself of thinking when I lose a certain # of lbs I get a special cookie or I’ll go eat somewhere special. What kind’ve reward is that? To backtrack to celebrate your hard work? Yeah in hind sight it ain’t the greatest idea so I think this time I’ll set smaller goals but to keep me really motivated when I lose 50 lbs my reward will be my new tattoo (& hopefully new exercise clothes)!
Monday was a bad day though :( I gave up. I am not proud of it at all but I have to put it out there to take ownership of my actions (or lack there of). I went to go for my walk up the rural road but it was blocked by a utility truck & they had men out in the road so that plan was out. I should’ve walked at the park but I didn’t because I don’t like the repetitiveness (excuse). So I went home & decided to do TurboFire but because it’s more cardio than I’m used to I gave up after about 10 minutes or so. Now I know I can do the whole 30 minutes of that disc because I’ve done it before. Instead of pushing through like I should have though, I gave up & I was already regretting it the next day. On a good note I did do 20 sit ups, 15 crunches & 30 squats for Day 2 of the 30 day ab & squat challenge so at least I wasn’t totally useless. I’m really disappointed that I didn’t make myself push through it but you know the great thing? There’s always another day!
& there was another day – Tuesday! I walked after work with a friend & we were going for over 2+ miles, maybe even to 3 as our goal when we started. I’ve just been so excited to break my 2mile distance that I want to keep going & because of slacking Monday I definitely thought hitting 3 miles today would give me a great boost! & ya know what? It did! We hit 4 mile — F-O-U-R! In an hour & 10 minutes. I felt awesome & so accomplished it was great!
I felt so awesome that today I even walked at the park as much as I’m not crazy about it – NO MORE EXCUSES!!! I only walked 2 miles because my foot was starting to hurt but I did it in 33 minutes which equals out to a 16.26minute mile. SAY WHAT? I’m busting all kinds of records this week because for one I NEVER thought I’d ever walk a mile much less 4 at one time or one in anywhere near less than a 20 minute mile & that was pushing it. I am on a roll now & I know I’ll still have my bad days but I’m going to keep pushing & working through this because the results will be so worth it!

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