Right there in front of you

The good news is I’ve still been getting my walk on! I like to track it here because I’m proud of even my short walks because let me tell you – walking & especially walking for even a mile or multiple miles was NEVER something that was in my vocabulary before but I am LOVING the change!

8/01 – 4.01 miles

8/05 – 3.79 miles (I kind’ve messed myself up on distance for this one because I parked somewhere new & thought it would be 2 miles to a point which would make 4 round trip, but it wasn’t quite 2 miles. However it was still a heck of a walk. This was also my hardest walk yet. I’m not sure if it was too humid or just hot in general that day but this was a super hard walk for me to finish but I did & didn’t really have a choice because I had to get back to my car to go home which is part of the reason I like to walk 2 miles away from it so I can’t bail early :) whatever it takes, right?)

8/07 – 2.72 miles (this sounds really low & I’m not happy with the distance however the majority of this walk was up a hill/mountain side AND I jogged some of the way down. Yep, you read that right. I jogged!! I NEVER thought I would be saying that but I’m pretty pumped about it. I’d went with my cousin Detroit & towards the end we decided to jog all the way to this sign which we did but then we “raced” to the car & I literally ran for probably the first time since I had to in high school & I’m not even sure I’d call what I did back then running.)

I didn’t get to walk Thursday because due to the trail walk on Wednesday I developed a blister right on the ball of my foot so that was terrible. It was much better yesterday though so we hit the trail again for 2.7 miles & there was some slight jogging & the run to the car. I really wanted to go further & jog more but my blister was hurting again & my shoes are no good. I have to get some new & better running shoes A.S.A.P. & I also need to add that to my budget list. HA! I sure as heck never thought I’d need to budget for running shoes & gear but I like it!