Back at it

So last week on 9/10 I finally decided I was going to go walking regardless of the pain. It seemed to just come & go & some days it felt as if the pain would be gone but then the next day I would be in more pain than when I initially started hurting. It was a disaster but I was so miserable from just sitting that I decided I was walking anyway. I walked 2 miles which felt like nothing & I still wanted to do more but I didn’t want to push it. My ankle was still okay the next day & then the pain still came & went throughout the week. For about a week now it’s FINALLY been pain free!!! I majorly took for granted how awesome my body feels on a regular basis just to be pain free! I haven’t been walking like I should though but that’s going to change – there’s just been a lot of activities going on but there should be NO EXCUSES! Because this is what I want most! Also next Saturday – literally a week from today is our next 5k. It’s on where you can walk or run so that’ll be good. Jamie & I are going to try to get as much walking in this week as we can to prep for it – especially me since I’ve been laid up for so long. I’m pretty excited for it though!!!

Tonight is my cousin’s 30th birthday party so I’m pretty excited for that too. I love when the family gets together & has a good time – it’s always entertaining to say the least. & we are almost at the end of September which means October is just right around the corner!!! & you know what that means?! Bridge Day!! I look forward to it all year & can’t wait – it’s Oct 19th this year. I love Fall in general but especially October because the cooler weather, Bridge Day & of course Halloween.

I made my first omelet this morning – woohoo. I don’t have much experience cooking in the kitchen really so this was a decent step lol I didn’t have a small pan like I really should’ve used but hey it turned out & wasn’t too hideous looking & it tasted good so that’s all that matters.

I think I’m actually going to get some walking in tomorrow regardless of the weather.  I absolutely hate the track but it’s so close & convenient that I’m going to try to suck it up & at least get 2 miles in, but we’ll see.

I still need to go through the house purging at full speed but I have yet to do that. I started some in my closet though while looking for huntin clothes & I made at least a little progress there so that’s something right? I picked out a large box to use as my purge box & my plan is to fill it up before it leaves this house – I’m thinking I’m going to do some damage on the front room here pretty soon!


Down & Out

A little over 2 weeks ago – I think it was Tuesday 8/20 I had some serious pain in my right ankle so bad where it hurt to walk at all. I obviously toughed it out to still do normal walking but I put my walking/jogging exercise on hold which I hated! Finally that Friday I went to Medexpress because it wasn’t any better & found out I had tendinitis which unfortunately there’s no quick fix for. :( You basically have to rest, ice it & where a brace/wrap & hope for the best. Here we are 2 weeks later & I’m no better. I have good days where it doesn’t hurt much & I think I’m in the clear but then the next day I’m in excruciating pain. I can’t express how much I hate not walking! I’m so much more irritable & in a foul mood. Not to mention when the weather is cooler on some days (which means Fall is just around the corner – YAY!) it’s even worse because I love being outside especially then. This is probably one of the worst things I’ve ever gone through because there’s no quick fix it’s just a wait it out kind of thing & patience is not one of my virtues.

On a better note we finally got the “new” bed frame put up. I quote new because I bought it used but it still looked to be in decent condition. Keyword looked. I think part of the problem is it’s metal & those are never great bed frames anyway in my opinion. This one will work for now but it’s already tilted in & looks quite pitiful. Oh well, it beats having the mattress & box springs on the floor – I think. haha

So I’m trying to use my down time to reorganize the house & purge. I haven’t made much progress because I had been hoping I’d be all healed up by now but since it doesn’t seem to be a quick process I might as well make myself useful at home. Fingers crossed this goes well! I’ve never been an organized person & lord knows it doesn’t come natural to me, but there’s always hope right?

At least Fall is around the corner … cooler weather, beautiful colors, bonfires & hoodies – sign me up! :)