The terrible twos

I thought only children went through the terrible twos?! Apparently not because my fur babies are wearing my patience thin. I love them more than life itself but lately they’re killing me!

In my post the other day those incidents had actually occurred on Thursday the 12th which is still less than a week ago. Since then the hooligans have been back at it! Leonidas has chewed another hole in the carpet as well demolishing a down comfortor that was near his cage that he apparently felt compelled to pull in his cage & tear feathers out of.

Oh but he’s not alone! Sir peed on said down comforter. & when I got home Monday (keep in mind Rob was already there so they were out of their cages & had free reign of the house) I walk into the bedroom to find a trash bag destroyed into tiny pieces (credit to Sir) & the blankets that had been in said trash bag ripped even more (credit to Leonidas). The blankets were in the bag to be thrown away I just hadn’t taken it outside & apparently they thought it would be a good idea to tear into it & shred the blankets even more. Also yesterday when Rob got to the house he let the boys out & while they were out Sir demolished another trash bag that was just a small bag in the bedroom & then after getting in trouble for that thought he was going to get away with chewing on my tennis shoes on the couch right in front of Rob. Please tell me this is just a phase?!?! Sir is almost 1 which I sort’ve understand but Leonidas is almost 2 & Blaze was out’ve this chewing/destroying phase by at least 10 months. These boys are going to be the death of me!

They haven’t been able to play outside as much as they could before the weather got bad & my yard became a mud pit so I’m sure that’s some of the issue but it just seems much more extreme in the past couple weeks but nothing else has changed. A lady at work mentioned maybe taking them for a walk in the evening so I might do that because hell it couldn’t hurt me to get out there & do it either & if it helps save my house from being destroyed I’ll try it. If that doesn’t do any good I’m going to see about some anxiety meds or something to maybe help them chill out until it’s warm enough for them to work off some of that energy outside. So here’s to hoping that going for a walk helps save my house!


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