Christmas 2013 update

I wasn’t sure how to word this & I’m still not so bear with me. We lost my wonderful mawmaw Geraldine on December 21st. She’d been sick with cancer & hadn’t felt good for months & she’s a Christian woman who was more than ready to go meet the Lord. While it was still hard on us here it helped a great deal that she was so ready & willing to go – it was almost like we could be happy for her because it’s what she wanted & had sort’ve lived her whole life for. She was our last grandparent which is really sad but we were blessed to have amazing grandparents even for a short while & I know now Heaven has some wonderful angels!

Well I managed to survive Christmas without using credit cards (not that I had a choice since they’re in a debt consolidation program, but still). The desire & dependency was still there even after all these months without using them. I think it’s because patience is something I’m terrible with & since I didn’t plan ahead I didn’t want to wait until I got paid to buy some gifts. But I had to because I didn’t have credit cards to fall back on. I still have my oldest sister & brother in law to buy for but luckily they aren’t coming in until next week & I get paid Friday so thankfully that worked out really well. The ones I already bought for still came out pretty good even with my budget way down, I just hope I can budget to up it a little once my credit cards are paid off.

I got some wonderful gifts – much more than I deserved as all. My favorite was a personal appearance from Paul Bunyan rocking some Santa wear. He wouldn’t let me take a picture, but I’ll never forget it. That’s an inside joke so I’m sure many of you won’t understand but I wanted it written down for a memory hopefully years from now because I would love for Paul to hang around that long.

I got a new set of cooking pans which is awesome because I’ve really been needing them since the ex moved out years ago. I’m not one to so much splurge on myself as I am to buy gifts for others that make me think of them. Even though that would’ve been a useful gift I didn’t have the spare money & never got around to it. Hopefully this will help with my budget so I can meal prep more & plan ahead for the weeks to come & eat healthier in the meantime. Rob is wanting to drop some weight too so hopefully we can figure out some healthy meals for dinner. My aunt who always buys the best gifts ever also bought me this ear warmers that have headphones attached inside (see what I mean!) & it’s perfect because I’d recently been thinking how badly I need to get back on track with walking/jogging. I felt so good when I was doing it before & cold weather shouldn’t be stopping me for as little time as I was out there doing it. Plus I’d mentioned before how NOT sexy it is when your man’s hand lands on a fat roll when you’re spooning, right? Yeah well it’s also not sexy at all when he’s caressing you during adult activities & grabs a fat roll. This shit has got to go! The fitness ladies I follow on IG have been a big motivation to get my butt in gear besides I feel so much better when I exercise & plus who doesn’t want to feel good/sexy when you’re naked. That’s what it’s all about right? I’m kidding … maybe.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & is gearing up for the new year!


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