Go big or go home

Do work son! {I love me some Rob & Big & if you don’t know what I’m referring to then you’re missing out! So this year has been off to a heck of a start – in a good way!

I filled out my budget & I’ve had my first paycheck to follow through with it though some of it will change later once I get some dr bills paid off in a few months. However this also happened during West Virginia’s aquapocalypse. If you don’t keep up with the news or you haven’t heard, it wasn’t pretty. A chemical leaked into our water supply (why the chemical plant was allowed to be open just a mile UP river from the water treatment plant is beyond me) but anyways it’s not been good. We’ve only been able to use the water to flush the toilets & have had to rely on the trucks coming in from other cities, out-of-state & other organizations to be able to use the water – to fill up jugs to shower or wash clothes/dishes in & lots of bottled water for drinking. Luckily I have several friends in close surrounding areas & my sister so I’ve been blessed to not have to depend on the water stations but it’s definitely been a trying time for the community. I’m very thankful at this point I don’t have any children especially young ones during this time. Not only has the water been an issue but school, daycare, restaurants etc have been affected greatly by all of this. We finally got notice this morning that the water levels are back to safe & areas can begin flushing their lines out by zones. I’m sure I’ll be one of the later ones but the fact that we’ve reached the okay is a major relief. So the budget got adjusted a little bit & didn’t go quite as planned but I tried to stay on point as much as I could though the gas definitely went up a good bit & hopefully next paycheck things will be settled down & more manageable.

I like what I’ve tried of T25 so far. It seems fun, hard & definitely a calorie scorcher! {That’s what she said haha} Also after reviewing my budget & seeing a deal from the local gym I signed up for a gym membership where my best friend goes. I’m much more likely to do something if I have a partner plus if I’m paying for it, I’ll go. It wasn’t in the budget initially but I did have enough wiggle room to make it happen. This is going to be my year to look good naked … or at least be well on my way!

I hope everyone is enjoying their nice dependable water! I know I can’t wait to have that convenience back & I will surely be appreciating it for quite a while. It is definitely not something to be taken for granted. It also put a bit of a damper on my attempt at a gym routine since I can’t shower at home but that’s not stopping me, it just delayed things a bit.


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