Well, I’ve been a slacker, again but I am back with good progresss!

As of last week I’ve lost 4 lbs (which I don’t really care too much about because I’m more focused on toning & losing body fat as opposed to BMI because 1 lb of muscle is still 1 lb on the scale) BUT I’ve lost 17 inches overall!! Which felt absolutely amazing to hear! I had no idea my inches lost would be much at all & I really feel like I’m accomplishing something here. Also my trainer commented that I have a small waist which cracked me up because no one has ever told me that anything on my body was small except my forehead & we all know that doesn’t count for shit except it’s why I look dumb with bangs haha I’m more motivated now in the gym at least. I have to confess eating healthy & staying on track is super hard for me. I know that’s part of the journey & I’ve got to buckle down. I suck at self control when it comes to food & I’m only hurting myself. I’m trying to make some major changes in my diet in the weeks coming & really buckle down on my food intake because our annual girls beach trip is in May & as always who doesn’t want to look good naked for your man? I’m going to try to cook ahead & plan it out & track my food as best as I can. I haven’t found an app or spreadsheet that really sticks out to me yet as far as to help me stay motivated but I’m going to so some more searching as soon as I finish this post.

I don’t know about y’all’s weather but here in ole WV, Mother Nature doesn’t know if it’s Winter, Spring or Summer or all 3 in one week. I’ve been enjoying the cool sunny days though – Spring & Fall are my favorite seasons. Plus in this awesome weather I can get so many more miles in because I hate the dreadmill & struggle to stick it out for even a mile. So here’s to looking good & eating right!