100 Happy Days – post from 4/9/14

So … yeah … a follow up to my last post lol I did have to pick up the kiddo but I also got some cleaning done. I definitely didn’t get any pinterest time or a schedule in place but that’s okay. I don’t remember what all I got done that evening but I did some more over the weekend while the boys were at baseball practice. I hardcore mopped my kitchen & entry way floor more than I’ve done since I moved in over 2 years ago. No, I’m not kidding lol I love swiffer & their wet wipes & the mop are great but when you have 3 dogs & live on a road where coal trucks run which means my dogs track coal dust in the house too – the floors ain’t real pretty. Thank God they aren’t white though. After going over it several times old school style with a mop & bucket I finally got them clean. I’m sure it’s already bad again which pisses me off but I’m going to try to start for real mopping them at least once a week or once every 2 weeks so it won’t be as bad.

Then Sunday I think it was Paul joked about cleaning off my kitchen table or as he called it the catch-all. Ugh I hate that & really need to break that pattern. I told him I’d already planned to do it that day & he started cleaning it off to help me. Could he get any better? I mean seriously, could he?!

I’ve been to the gym a few times since my last post & I’ve upped my weights on all the machines to where I have to push through to finish a set of 10 which I repeat a few times. I read online that’s a good place to start for fat loss & that’s my goal. I feel really good afterwards too! Sometimes I have to pause before I even get the 10 done, but by golly – I knock them out! I also started C25k with my cousin on Sunday. I didn’t get as winded as I thought I would but I’m sure everything about my running needs work – my form, my breathing, etc. At first on the running intervals I would end up checking my phone when there was about 10 seconds to go. It just seemed really hard & I was worried I couldn’t go much longer but luckily it was just enough push. By the end I had stopped looking so I felt better about it.

I did it again for day 2 & I didn’t look at any to check the run intervals! I felt so proud of myself! However I also don’t know my pace or  distance or anything since stupid ass Runkeeper decided to mess my shit up & try to say I ran 5 miles in 24 minutes at a 4:44 min pace. Really? Come the fuck on! I was so mad because I really like to watch my pace & get even more motivated because on Sunday when I finished my average pace was 14:29 which is AMAZING for me. I was telling my mom I never thought I’d be one to have that good of a pace … or run … or really even want to walk at all lol I’ve never been athletic or healthy but I’m really starting to love it & I keep wanting to maintain & beat my records which is awesome. Cardio is my least favorite thing to do as far as interval exercises but I’m really starting to enjoy jogging so hopefully I can keep that shit up lol

I’ve been slacking with my eating some though & I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my body. The worse I eat the lazier I am & that 2 pm slump hits HARD! Plus I just don’t feel as good overall so I’m going to buckle down again. I did have pizza yesterday for the first time in weeks (which is a record for me because I used to eat it multiple times a week – no joke) & it was gloriously amazing & totally worth it. Something like that once a month or several weeks I can deal with but all these little snacks & late night eating have got to go because I’m really worried if I got measured anytime soon it would be all bad as opposed to any good & I don’t want that disappointment because I felt so amazing from the progress I had made before. Plus my beach trip is right around a month away & if I can tone up some more before then I will reward myself with a new bathing suit & I really want that! & as always – who doesn’t want to look good naked? I feel like that should maybe become my tagline because I do reference it a lot, but hey – it’s the truth.

& finally the 100 happy days – I’ve seen a few people on IG tagging things regarding 100 happy days & someone on facebook posted the challenge link also so I checked it out & dove right in. I already knew it would be easy but after starting this I realized it’s actually kind of hard to keep it to just 1 thing a day that I’m thankful for. I post to my private IG multiple times a day & I’m finding myself holding back on some pictures so I can use them for happy days for another day. I already had a great attitude about life but this just helps fuel it SO much more because it lets me express & elaborate & share on the MANY MANY things in my life that I’m thankful for. If you haven’t checked it out yet I strongly recommend it – it’s made me realize even more in life just how much that I’m blessed with.


So much shit to do & no motivation – post from 4/4/14


You ever have one of those days where you have so much shit to do – especially crap that sucks like cleaning a lot at home – & you just don’t want to do any of it? Yeah I’m having one of those weeks. Ugh! First off – I hate washing dishes with an absolute passion. If I could afford that many paper plates & disposable products & could use it for everything, I would. That’s how much I HATE dishes.

I don’t so much mind the other stuff but I’ve been a slacker lately. I get tired of sweeping every day & sometimes multiple times a day because the dogs are constantly tracking dirt in. I love them with all of my heart but ugh the dirt on all my hard wood floors kills me. I don’t mind sweeping in general but I do dislike having to do it everyday. Whether I want to or not though the shit still needs done & I’m way behind on a lot of it. I just can’t get that “I should really clean” mood & I wish it would hit me anytime now. Apparently I just need to toss the headphones on when I get home & suck it up & do it. Somehow music bumping in my ears keeps me going & doesn’t make me want to slit my wrists as bad.

I also need to work on organizing & getting my systems together like woah. I really do. Especially the kitchen table. I grew up in a house where it was the drop zone & that horrible trait has morphed its way to my house & I hate it. It annoys me to have a kitchen table with miscellaneous crap all over it, yet I continually put almost everything I bring in the house on it. WTF?! Break the pattern Jess, just break it!

I’d like to go to the gym after work today & get a short workout in or run at the park but I might have to pick the kiddo up. Which I love having him so I’m fine with that but if I get him – I’m going into my headphones/cleaning zone for a little bit as soon as we get home & maybe I’ll try to get my run in once R gets home.

There’s just so much that needs done at home I still don’t want to do any of it. Ugh! I’ve got to work on a better system to get this shit in order so it’s not as dreadful & so I don’t get so far behind. I’m going to try to tackle at least several things tonight & work on a schedule & get sucked into pinterest for some ideas & tips. Wish me luck!

Got her saved in my phone under “big booty” – post from 4/3/14

I can’t get enough of this song! At first when it came on the radio I thought it was ridiculous & would change it but somehow I heard part of it & it got stuck in my head & now I’m embarrassed to admit I have it on repeat sometimes. Yes, it’s that serious.

Anyway it’s a good song for the gym so it works. I had a 7am session this morning – bright & freaking early but Tai always makes it worth my time. After we got through the first set he said we’d try to get 2 more in – I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t. I pushed through & it was hard & definitely a struggle but he kept me motivated & I kept going & we got 2 more sets in. I keep forgetting to wear my damn heart monitor for our sessions but I know it was definitely up this morning. I had to sit my fat ass down on the bench in the bathroom for awhile with a wet towel on my neck to cool down – it was that serious. But when I see his muscles flexing when he shows me the moves I’m about to do, it motivates me to keep going so hopefully mine can get more like that. Let’s keep it real though – I don’t want to be as buffed out as him, I just want to be fit. I ain’t trying to compete or anything. But I didn’t throw up this morning so that was a plus. It was a struggle to change clothes though as my muscles were still in shock haha

I had been walking on lunch recently because I bring mine most times but I didn’t today because I had some errands to run & it was hot & muggy as hell outside. No thank you. I don’t mind getting all sweaty working out or walking but not when I have to come back to work & sit for several hours. Yuck. I’m not someone who can stand to just hangout in my sweaty clothes & nastiness – I need a shower STAT. But my lifemate has mentioned walking after work so I think we’re going to do that – still getting it in … that’s what she said. & if anybody could speed this clock up at work that would be great.