100 Happy Days – post from 4/9/14

So … yeah … a follow up to my last post lol I did have to pick up the kiddo but I also got some cleaning done. I definitely didn’t get any pinterest time or a schedule in place but that’s okay. I don’t remember what all I got done that evening but I did some more over the weekend while the boys were at baseball practice. I hardcore mopped my kitchen & entry way floor more than I’ve done since I moved in over 2 years ago. No, I’m not kidding lol I love swiffer & their wet wipes & the mop are great but when you have 3 dogs & live on a road where coal trucks run which means my dogs track coal dust in the house too – the floors ain’t real pretty. Thank God they aren’t white though. After going over it several times old school style with a mop & bucket I finally got them clean. I’m sure it’s already bad again which pisses me off but I’m going to try to start for real mopping them at least once a week or once every 2 weeks so it won’t be as bad.

Then Sunday I think it was Paul joked about cleaning off my kitchen table or as he called it the catch-all. Ugh I hate that & really need to break that pattern. I told him I’d already planned to do it that day & he started cleaning it off to help me. Could he get any better? I mean seriously, could he?!

I’ve been to the gym a few times since my last post & I’ve upped my weights on all the machines to where I have to push through to finish a set of 10 which I repeat a few times. I read online that’s a good place to start for fat loss & that’s my goal. I feel really good afterwards too! Sometimes I have to pause before I even get the 10 done, but by golly – I knock them out! I also started C25k with my cousin on Sunday. I didn’t get as winded as I thought I would but I’m sure everything about my running needs work – my form, my breathing, etc. At first on the running intervals I would end up checking my phone when there was about 10 seconds to go. It just seemed really hard & I was worried I couldn’t go much longer but luckily it was just enough push. By the end I had stopped looking so I felt better about it.

I did it again for day 2 & I didn’t look at any to check the run intervals! I felt so proud of myself! However I also don’t know my pace or  distance or anything since stupid ass Runkeeper decided to mess my shit up & try to say I ran 5 miles in 24 minutes at a 4:44 min pace. Really? Come the fuck on! I was so mad because I really like to watch my pace & get even more motivated because on Sunday when I finished my average pace was 14:29 which is AMAZING for me. I was telling my mom I never thought I’d be one to have that good of a pace … or run … or really even want to walk at all lol I’ve never been athletic or healthy but I’m really starting to love it & I keep wanting to maintain & beat my records which is awesome. Cardio is my least favorite thing to do as far as interval exercises but I’m really starting to enjoy jogging so hopefully I can keep that shit up lol

I’ve been slacking with my eating some though & I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my body. The worse I eat the lazier I am & that 2 pm slump hits HARD! Plus I just don’t feel as good overall so I’m going to buckle down again. I did have pizza yesterday for the first time in weeks (which is a record for me because I used to eat it multiple times a week – no joke) & it was gloriously amazing & totally worth it. Something like that once a month or several weeks I can deal with but all these little snacks & late night eating have got to go because I’m really worried if I got measured anytime soon it would be all bad as opposed to any good & I don’t want that disappointment because I felt so amazing from the progress I had made before. Plus my beach trip is right around a month away & if I can tone up some more before then I will reward myself with a new bathing suit & I really want that! & as always – who doesn’t want to look good naked? I feel like that should maybe become my tagline because I do reference it a lot, but hey – it’s the truth.

& finally the 100 happy days – I’ve seen a few people on IG tagging things regarding 100 happy days & someone on facebook posted the challenge link also so I checked it out & dove right in. I already knew it would be easy but after starting this I realized it’s actually kind of hard to keep it to just 1 thing a day that I’m thankful for. I post to my private IG multiple times a day & I’m finding myself holding back on some pictures so I can use them for happy days for another day. I already had a great attitude about life but this just helps fuel it SO much more because it lets me express & elaborate & share on the MANY MANY things in my life that I’m thankful for. If you haven’t checked it out yet I strongly recommend it – it’s made me realize even more in life just how much that I’m blessed with.


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