Got her saved in my phone under “big booty” – post from 4/3/14

I can’t get enough of this song! At first when it came on the radio I thought it was ridiculous & would change it but somehow I heard part of it & it got stuck in my head & now I’m embarrassed to admit I have it on repeat sometimes. Yes, it’s that serious.

Anyway it’s a good song for the gym so it works. I had a 7am session this morning – bright & freaking early but Tai always makes it worth my time. After we got through the first set he said we’d try to get 2 more in – I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t. I pushed through & it was hard & definitely a struggle but he kept me motivated & I kept going & we got 2 more sets in. I keep forgetting to wear my damn heart monitor for our sessions but I know it was definitely up this morning. I had to sit my fat ass down on the bench in the bathroom for awhile with a wet towel on my neck to cool down – it was that serious. But when I see his muscles flexing when he shows me the moves I’m about to do, it motivates me to keep going so hopefully mine can get more like that. Let’s keep it real though – I don’t want to be as buffed out as him, I just want to be fit. I ain’t trying to compete or anything. But I didn’t throw up this morning so that was a plus. It was a struggle to change clothes though as my muscles were still in shock haha

I had been walking on lunch recently because I bring mine most times but I didn’t today because I had some errands to run & it was hot & muggy as hell outside. No thank you. I don’t mind getting all sweaty working out or walking but not when I have to come back to work & sit for several hours. Yuck. I’m not someone who can stand to just hangout in my sweaty clothes & nastiness – I need a shower STAT. But my lifemate has mentioned walking after work so I think we’re going to do that – still getting it in … that’s what she said. & if anybody could speed this clock up at work that would be great.


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