Done. I am just absolutely completely done. Anytime I see myself in a mirror I try to avoid it because I’m just disgusted at where I’m at right now. I’m glad I took before pictures in the changing room at the gym a couple weeks ago because I hope they encourage me to keep working towards the after photos. This time last year I was 26 lbs lighter & feeling great because I was getting in shape. Then a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant & it was pretty much down hill. I made excuses – I was sick, I was tired, etc. Which granted some days I did feel awful & just wanted to sleep all day but I could’ve & should’ve done so much more. I like looking at pictures from last year because it lets me know I can get back there & I remember how proud I was & how great I felt.

Starting today:

– only water except maybe once in a while which means no more than once a week. Typically diet coke is my weakness but I can manage without it.

– healthier food options 99% of the time. I would say 100% & hell even 99% is probably pushing it but that’s my goal. I know I’m going to have to cave on some small things but only in small amounts & only once in awhile. Not daily and not every meal.

– exercise at least 3 times a week. I’d love to even more but we are a busy family. That’s not an excuse though & I’ll definitely try to get in even more.

– start Yoga on the WiiFit again. I loved it before & even though it’s slow & steady you really work up a sweat.

– focus on dropping BMI/Body fat percentage more than lbs. I could care less what I weigh to be honest except to be in a healthier range. I ordered a scale that should be here in a few days that gives you body fat % & BMI. Once I have those I’ll post more specific goals.

I’m hoping that by posting it here it’ll keep more more accountable & remind me that I can do this & how bad I want it & how much it will be worth it in the end!


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