If you’ve not watched the documentary on Netflix called Embrace, do yourself a favor & go watch it. NOW. Especially if you’re a woman. I just finished it & wow – I already want to watch it again!!


16 for 2016

I suck at consistency, obviously. Not just with this but with SO many things in life especially as far as my goals which is really sad because it just means I don’t want them bad enough yet. I’m not giving up though. This is going to be my year! We are in the process of buying a house right now – thank the Lord! So far everything is great we are just waiting on the appraisal which shouldn’t be a problem.

There are so many benefits that this new house can bring & I can’t wait for it! It has so much more room which means easier organization though we will still be purging before the move. With 3 bedrooms it also means that I can do my workouts in the bedroom while Paul is downstairs & baby girl has her own room which means I will be more likely to do them. Plus it’s in a nice area so I can run in the evenings when it’s not freezing after Paul gets home & it’s not on the main road.

Inspired by my IDWTBAT girls I made a list of goals for this year. Us moving will affect a lot of them so it’ll still be a bit before I can really get progress going on them, but it’s going to happen!


  1. Cleaner house
  2. Budget
  3. Family night
  4. Date night about once a month
  5. Exercise at least 3X week
  6. Walk 4X week
  7. Menu plan & meal prep
  8. Lose weight – even if it’s 20 lbs
  9. Purge a lot of stuff
  10. Get things organized & keep it that way
  11. More family time – his & mine
  12. Keep dogs brushed
  13. Get better with makeup
  14. Dress more fashionable – not sure if that’s the right word I want lol
  15. Look decent/good in leggings — yes that’s a real goal for me
  16. Be more consistent with everything

I know these are some serious goals but I have every intention of working on all of them & this new house gives me so much opportunity for SO much! I can’t wait. Our original closing date which was just from the date we made the offer is 2/17 but I’m hoping the appraisal & everything will get done so it can happen before then.

Here’s to goals, consistency & more updates!


Done. I am just absolutely completely done. Anytime I see myself in a mirror I try to avoid it because I’m just disgusted at where I’m at right now. I’m glad I took before pictures in the changing room at the gym a couple weeks ago because I hope they encourage me to keep working towards the after photos. This time last year I was 26 lbs lighter & feeling great because I was getting in shape. Then a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant & it was pretty much down hill. I made excuses – I was sick, I was tired, etc. Which granted some days I did feel awful & just wanted to sleep all day but I could’ve & should’ve done so much more. I like looking at pictures from last year because it lets me know I can get back there & I remember how proud I was & how great I felt.

Starting today:

– only water except maybe once in a while which means no more than once a week. Typically diet coke is my weakness but I can manage without it.

– healthier food options 99% of the time. I would say 100% & hell even 99% is probably pushing it but that’s my goal. I know I’m going to have to cave on some small things but only in small amounts & only once in awhile. Not daily and not every meal.

– exercise at least 3 times a week. I’d love to even more but we are a busy family. That’s not an excuse though & I’ll definitely try to get in even more.

– start Yoga on the WiiFit again. I loved it before & even though it’s slow & steady you really work up a sweat.

– focus on dropping BMI/Body fat percentage more than lbs. I could care less what I weigh to be honest except to be in a healthier range. I ordered a scale that should be here in a few days that gives you body fat % & BMI. Once I have those I’ll post more specific goals.

I’m hoping that by posting it here it’ll keep more more accountable & remind me that I can do this & how bad I want it & how much it will be worth it in the end!

Liar liar

I’m the biggest liar huh? While honestly I would love to update this thing regularly I’ve accepted I am one of THE worst at time management. No joke, it’s pathetic.

I had my beautiful baby girl in December & she’s been absolutely AMAZING! Sadly, I’m back to work but I loved my time off with her & look forward to spending my evenings with her. She’s a super good baby which helps things also – she’s absolutely the best!

I always try to do updates after being MIA so here goes:

The budget is still non existent. I try & I at least plan out most of my paychecks but I can’t grasp the budget in a way that will work for more. I haven’t given up though & still pin stuff to read later when I’m browsing pinterest at the early AM feeding. I’m hoping one day it will click for me.

The nesting didn’t really last. I did some stuff but my house is still a disaster. It’s so far from what I want it to be. I don’t know how people have such clean & nice homes most of the time. They can’t have dogs that shed & a full time job lol Sweeping I don’t mind & it doesn’t take long but I can never seem to stay on top of the dog hair it’s crazy. Laundry is about the only thing I can keep up good with & that’s pushing it because I make it all the way to being folded but struggle with getting it into the drawers. At least we have clean clothes though, right?

I’ve been in the mood a lot recently to just purge & get rid of the stuff especially since we don’t have the room for it & I’ve had it with being cluttered in. So here’s to hoping the mood stays with me. I remember back when I did a big cleaning before I was with Paul & had the front bedroom showing SO much carpet & I was so proud. The kiddo is in there now & the poor guy has a good bit of our clutter to deal with simply because we don’t have room at this house. Some of it can go though & I plan to go through it soon to get rid of it. I want him to like his room & for him to want to keep it clean.

We really don’t have any broken or junk stuff, we just have a lot of stuff we don’t exactly NEED. It could be useful stuff IF we had the room for it. That’s the mentality I have to get past – that just because it’s still good & useful doesn’t mean I need to keep it. I don’t have the room for it therefore it’s of no use to me. Paul is bad about that too which doesn’t help things but we’re both trying to purge down what we can as we still continue to combine 3 houses – yikes. I’ll try to update this more, I promise. Hopefully I’ll be back with tons of great before & afters … hopefully.


I’m not very good at updating this thing, am I? haha We’ve found out our little baby to be is a girl which we are excited about. We only said boy initially because they’re easier. I say that being a female myself, growing up with a high maintenance sister & previously dating a guy who had both a son & daughter. Don’t get me wrong – I loved them both but she had MAJOR attitude from an early age & unfortunately I remember my bad attitude through my teenage years. But we’re VERY excited for her to get here. She’s already been spoiled a great deal because Auntie April (my sister) has already gone shopping for the baby quite frequently already.

No luck on the house yet. We’ve found several that we like from the website but when we get there, we know it’s just not the one. We still look but we’ve accepted the fact that we may still be in my house come December when she will be here.

The budget hasn’t really made much process. I do try harder but honestly I have been ordering some stuff for the baby when I see good deals that wasn’t originally in the budget so that throws things off a bit. I really struggle with self control on deals some days – it’s a known issue. Also being female doesn’t help lol

Paul was a liar as far as doing the dishes but he did buy me a dishwasher which I must say has made a great improvement. I don’t despise dishes near as bad & I’ve grown to love my dishwasher & never want to live without one again haha It’s definitely made cleaning the kitchen much easier.

I don’t want to jump the gun & say I’m in the nesting phase because it hasn’t been major & the house still has a ways to go, but I have made some improvements & I’m still working on it daily. The first 3 months I was too tired & sick to do much of anything but after that I’ve felt pretty good most days. However the fatigue is coming back so some days I struggle to do anything besides throw a load of laundry in. My main thing these days is to get the house in order so it won’t be so hard to maintain plus people will be coming over once the baby is home so I’ve got to whip it into shape before long. It’s coming along, just slower than I’d like.

Paul had complained before about my kitchen utensil basket because the stuff gets dust on it because it’s in an open basket & I had to agree with him. I love my dogs & would never give them up but they cause an ungodly amount of dust even up on top of the deep freezer somehow. Anyway, Paul was right & the other day at the dollar store I finally decided to grab a couple clear boxes that closed which will keep the utensils in arms reach but also keep them clean & dust free – yay for a win (picture below)! Also Pinterest inspired me again with this awesome looking pot rack for the cabinet from none other than a shower rod (picture below). While this looked awesome & I was able to create it at home, it only lasted about 15 minutes before crashing down. I do think part of the problem was I didn’t have the rod tight enough because it didn’t feel like I was tightening much so I’m going to have Paul look at it to see if he can get it rigged up better  hopefully we can still use it like that. If not, it was a good thought I guess lol

I’ll try to update this more, I really will. & I’m sure when I’m off with the baby I’ll want to post every little thing she does but before then –  I have to get my house ready & in order. So here’s to hoping I have more progress pictures soon of my clean & organized house lol



Knocked Up isn’t just a Seth Rogen movie anymore

I’m still alive lol It’s funny the last time I posted was also the day my life changed! I had a dr’s appointment at 1 that afternoon for a checkup at by OBGYN – no biggie. That morning around 10:45 or so my friend sends me a text message & says she had a dream I was pregnant with twins which made me crack up & then stop suddenly when I realized I was several days late (sorry to the fellas reading this post). I decide it’s probably nothing & could the fact that I’ve been working out more & maybe it had just changed my cycle some. But the longer I sit & wait the more I can’t take it so I run to Rite Aid for a test. Within 10 seconds that second line appeared & I was in shock. I absolutely could not believe it. I went to my appointment & told them about the test & they had me do another one & took some blood work. Two days later I got a call that I was definitely pregnant & my levels were awesome. While this was not planned or expected at all, we are very excited! At this point I’m 3 months ago & next week we get to find out what our precious bundle of joy is! We’re rooting for a boy, but as long as the baby is healthy we’re happy!

Due to the unexpected news a lot of things have changed. We’ve started really looking for a bigger house & figuring out some other plans. So far nothing has been what we wanted & now we’re debating buying land & going from there but we’re keeping all our options open. Also wouldn’t you know it when I actually get into running & start getting fit, I get knocked up lol Which I’ve always heard the better shape you’re in, the better chance of it happening lol I haven’t been to the gym at all these past few months thanks to the sickness. I refuse to call it morning sickness because that crap lasts all day long. Thankfully now it only happens a couple brief times a week usually where before it was an everyday almost all day thing. Now I can actually enjoy it most days.

The budget hasn’t made much progress, but I’m planning to buckle down on that more. With Paul’s income added onto it things will be much smoother but I don’t think we’re actually joining accounts until later, but it still helps knowing I have that backup. & thank goodness he’s a wonderful man & financially smart which makes him that much more attractive! Even when our accounts our combined I’m going to run a budget for bills & my part of the stuff. Whether he decides to follow along is up to him.

The house organizing hasn’t really happened yet though some decluttering process has happened. I gave a friend of mine 2 large bags full & a huge box full of stuff I’d decided didn’t belong in my house anymore. I’m not finished yet, but there’s definitely been progress made. Also both Paul & I have been working on cleaning & discussing a cleaning schedule to keep the house more maintained. Especially if we might be here for a while after the baby is born & having people come visit. My good friend Jennie tackled my kitchen & dishes – she’s a God send. I despise dishes with everything in me. Paul says he’ll do the dishes since I hate them but we’ll see how that goes. He has good intentions but I think he hates them just as much as I do.

Overall things are absolutely amazing & there’s still plenty of changes to come but I can’t complain a bit!

100 Happy Days – post from 4/9/14

So … yeah … a follow up to my last post lol I did have to pick up the kiddo but I also got some cleaning done. I definitely didn’t get any pinterest time or a schedule in place but that’s okay. I don’t remember what all I got done that evening but I did some more over the weekend while the boys were at baseball practice. I hardcore mopped my kitchen & entry way floor more than I’ve done since I moved in over 2 years ago. No, I’m not kidding lol I love swiffer & their wet wipes & the mop are great but when you have 3 dogs & live on a road where coal trucks run which means my dogs track coal dust in the house too – the floors ain’t real pretty. Thank God they aren’t white though. After going over it several times old school style with a mop & bucket I finally got them clean. I’m sure it’s already bad again which pisses me off but I’m going to try to start for real mopping them at least once a week or once every 2 weeks so it won’t be as bad.

Then Sunday I think it was Paul joked about cleaning off my kitchen table or as he called it the catch-all. Ugh I hate that & really need to break that pattern. I told him I’d already planned to do it that day & he started cleaning it off to help me. Could he get any better? I mean seriously, could he?!

I’ve been to the gym a few times since my last post & I’ve upped my weights on all the machines to where I have to push through to finish a set of 10 which I repeat a few times. I read online that’s a good place to start for fat loss & that’s my goal. I feel really good afterwards too! Sometimes I have to pause before I even get the 10 done, but by golly – I knock them out! I also started C25k with my cousin on Sunday. I didn’t get as winded as I thought I would but I’m sure everything about my running needs work – my form, my breathing, etc. At first on the running intervals I would end up checking my phone when there was about 10 seconds to go. It just seemed really hard & I was worried I couldn’t go much longer but luckily it was just enough push. By the end I had stopped looking so I felt better about it.

I did it again for day 2 & I didn’t look at any to check the run intervals! I felt so proud of myself! However I also don’t know my pace or  distance or anything since stupid ass Runkeeper decided to mess my shit up & try to say I ran 5 miles in 24 minutes at a 4:44 min pace. Really? Come the fuck on! I was so mad because I really like to watch my pace & get even more motivated because on Sunday when I finished my average pace was 14:29 which is AMAZING for me. I was telling my mom I never thought I’d be one to have that good of a pace … or run … or really even want to walk at all lol I’ve never been athletic or healthy but I’m really starting to love it & I keep wanting to maintain & beat my records which is awesome. Cardio is my least favorite thing to do as far as interval exercises but I’m really starting to enjoy jogging so hopefully I can keep that shit up lol

I’ve been slacking with my eating some though & I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my body. The worse I eat the lazier I am & that 2 pm slump hits HARD! Plus I just don’t feel as good overall so I’m going to buckle down again. I did have pizza yesterday for the first time in weeks (which is a record for me because I used to eat it multiple times a week – no joke) & it was gloriously amazing & totally worth it. Something like that once a month or several weeks I can deal with but all these little snacks & late night eating have got to go because I’m really worried if I got measured anytime soon it would be all bad as opposed to any good & I don’t want that disappointment because I felt so amazing from the progress I had made before. Plus my beach trip is right around a month away & if I can tone up some more before then I will reward myself with a new bathing suit & I really want that! & as always – who doesn’t want to look good naked? I feel like that should maybe become my tagline because I do reference it a lot, but hey – it’s the truth.

& finally the 100 happy days – I’ve seen a few people on IG tagging things regarding 100 happy days & someone on facebook posted the challenge link also so I checked it out & dove right in. I already knew it would be easy but after starting this I realized it’s actually kind of hard to keep it to just 1 thing a day that I’m thankful for. I post to my private IG multiple times a day & I’m finding myself holding back on some pictures so I can use them for happy days for another day. I already had a great attitude about life but this just helps fuel it SO much more because it lets me express & elaborate & share on the MANY MANY things in my life that I’m thankful for. If you haven’t checked it out yet I strongly recommend it – it’s made me realize even more in life just how much that I’m blessed with.