They’re lucky they’re cute

So there’s rarely a dull moment with the boys at the house but somedays it’s a little much. Blaze is my laid back cuddle bug who sometimes gets rowdy if he’s in the mood to play but most of the time he’s my golden child because he rarely does anything wrong. He’s just old enough to know better & mostly out’ve that puppy stage of tearing things up. I actually can’t remember the last time Blaze tore something up. His worst thing now is getting in the trash (though a lid on it usually puts a stop to it) or eating Leonidas’ food is another issue even though his is exactly the same but he’s not done that in months either.

Then there’s Leondias who love his heart has never met a person or a lap he didn’t want to get to know. He doesn’t haul himself onto people but if you even make eye contact he takes that as an invite to come sit on your lap. He just loves to be touched or sitting on you or near you. He’s a very sweet boy but also silly & pretty clumsy. He’s my destroyer though. Mainly of blankets or beds that I try to put in his cage while I’m gone though most recently he demolished the tray for his cage & just last week chewed up a piece of my carpet through a hole in his cage that his tray would’ve covered (see picture below). If I didn’t love him so much I would probably choke him. Relax though, I love him way tooo much.

 photo 72CF7AF4-38A2-44A9-BCA0-92281B0199EC_zpsnv5fav2a.jpg

& lastly Sir who is not technically my dog but he spends enough time at my house to be considered my boy. Even though he’s the only one that’s not mine, he’s truly my sidekick. If I’m sitting on the couch he’s most likely on my lap or laying on part of me. He may roam to love on other people some but he always ends up back on me. He’s my noisemaker. I’ve never heard a dog as vocal as him even when he’s just rolling around on the couch which is normally done with his face down in a cushion & his butt way up in the air. He makes what I like to call dinosaur noises which is why we’ve called him Rex sometimes but it just cracks me up when he makes those silly sounds. He also has a toilet paper addiction. Anytime he’s left out whether it’s just because I’m in the shower or he gets bored I guess – the toilet paper gets it. Not only does he string it out & most of it off the roll but he then tears it up into tiny tiny pieces. He also got in trouble recently AGAIN for attacking the toilet paper – see picture below.

 photo 2762C052-99F1-4529-8738-9D5F12373750_zpskpqwcuqq.jpg

I do dearly love all of my boys even though they all have their quirks because they’re all also sweet cuddly spoiled babies but I wouldn’t change a thing except maybe for less destruction, that would be great. They do tolerate the outfits I put on them though but in my defense they always get treats afterwards & they know it so it’s not like I’m mean. With that being said, the boys wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas:

 photo 2D0FF072-F083-4585-B57A-6C4608DE5F35_zpsrhdsi5gl.jpg

Blaze, Sir & Leonidas


More organizing (slightly) & a realization…

So I’ve done more organizing – slightly, but hey it still counts, right? Right :) Glad you agree. Tate was outside cutting grass & I figured I’d better get out there too & enjoy the beautiful weather we were having before the smoldering heat gets here. So I decided to spray off the back porch & sort through some totes out there that I’d been neglecting for months now. It’s awesome how once you get started organizing it’s almost as if it sets you on a roll to keep going & I love it! While it wasn’t much, it was still enough that I’m much happier with how it looks not to mention it gave me more space on the back porch between the totes & the swing. I didn’t get a picture that shows the extra space but I do have a before & after that shows the progress I did make from purging.


Now for the realization … I’ve been using the multiple timer app on my phone a lot lately. I originally downloaded it so I could have multiple timers going at once for the washer, dryer & the oven for dinner. However recently I’ve been using it for alerts. Alerts as in it’s time to start getting ready, it’s time to leave, etc. Have I really become one of those people? Nothing against anyone who has always used timers for alerts but I just have never been one & didn’t really think I would be. In a way I’m proud of myself for becoming more organized with my time as far as setting limits to keep us moving & get us going. I don’t have a lot of clocks in my house so this honestly has been quite helpful with not having to frequently tap my phone to see what time it is. I guess this possibly means I’m growing up haha I suppose at 26 it’s about time for that though.


Dirty Girl Mud Run – Charleston, WV

I haven’t posted in a few days but at least I worked on one of my resolutions! On Saturday I participated in Charleston’s first Dirty Girl Mud Run. IT WAS A BLAST!!! It was a non timed 5K with mud & an obstacle course & it was so much fun. It was definitely a major workout & made me realize even more how badly out of shape I am in. Even when I was still big but I was a good 40 lbs lighter than I am now I had more energy, didn’t get out of breath as fast, etc so this was very challenging for me but very exhilarating. It felt awesome at that finish line through the last run of a mud pit. Plus part of our registration fee goes towards the Breast Cancer Association which is wonderful!

Here’s a picture during the event of me & Jamie.


Here’s one of my favorite obstacle on the entire course. I owned this bad boy!


& here we are representing Dane Cook with our sufi symbols since our team name was BAMF for Boobies


I can’t wait to participate again next year & it’s definitely motivated me to start doing more now as far as exercising. Hope everyone had a great weekend!