The terrible twos

I thought only children went through the terrible twos?! Apparently not because my fur babies are wearing my patience thin. I love them more than life itself but lately they’re killing me!

In my post the other day those incidents had actually occurred on Thursday the 12th which is still less than a week ago. Since then the hooligans have been back at it! Leonidas has chewed another hole in the carpet as well demolishing a down comfortor that was near his cage that he apparently felt compelled to pull in his cage & tear feathers out of.

Oh but he’s not alone! Sir peed on said down comforter. & when I got home Monday (keep in mind Rob was already there so they were out of their cages & had free reign of the house) I walk into the bedroom to find a trash bag destroyed into tiny pieces (credit to Sir) & the blankets that had been in said trash bag ripped even more (credit to Leonidas). The blankets were in the bag to be thrown away I just hadn’t taken it outside & apparently they thought it would be a good idea to tear into it & shred the blankets even more. Also yesterday when Rob got to the house he let the boys out & while they were out Sir demolished another trash bag that was just a small bag in the bedroom & then after getting in trouble for that thought he was going to get away with chewing on my tennis shoes on the couch right in front of Rob. Please tell me this is just a phase?!?! Sir is almost 1 which I sort’ve understand but Leonidas is almost 2 & Blaze was out’ve this chewing/destroying phase by at least 10 months. These boys are going to be the death of me!

They haven’t been able to play outside as much as they could before the weather got bad & my yard became a mud pit so I’m sure that’s some of the issue but it just seems much more extreme in the past couple weeks but nothing else has changed. A lady at work mentioned maybe taking them for a walk in the evening so I might do that because hell it couldn’t hurt me to get out there & do it either & if it helps save my house from being destroyed I’ll try it. If that doesn’t do any good I’m going to see about some anxiety meds or something to maybe help them chill out until it’s warm enough for them to work off some of that energy outside. So here’s to hoping that going for a walk helps save my house!


They’re lucky they’re cute

So there’s rarely a dull moment with the boys at the house but somedays it’s a little much. Blaze is my laid back cuddle bug who sometimes gets rowdy if he’s in the mood to play but most of the time he’s my golden child because he rarely does anything wrong. He’s just old enough to know better & mostly out’ve that puppy stage of tearing things up. I actually can’t remember the last time Blaze tore something up. His worst thing now is getting in the trash (though a lid on it usually puts a stop to it) or eating Leonidas’ food is another issue even though his is exactly the same but he’s not done that in months either.

Then there’s Leondias who love his heart has never met a person or a lap he didn’t want to get to know. He doesn’t haul himself onto people but if you even make eye contact he takes that as an invite to come sit on your lap. He just loves to be touched or sitting on you or near you. He’s a very sweet boy but also silly & pretty clumsy. He’s my destroyer though. Mainly of blankets or beds that I try to put in his cage while I’m gone though most recently he demolished the tray for his cage & just last week chewed up a piece of my carpet through a hole in his cage that his tray would’ve covered (see picture below). If I didn’t love him so much I would probably choke him. Relax though, I love him way tooo much.

 photo 72CF7AF4-38A2-44A9-BCA0-92281B0199EC_zpsnv5fav2a.jpg

& lastly Sir who is not technically my dog but he spends enough time at my house to be considered my boy. Even though he’s the only one that’s not mine, he’s truly my sidekick. If I’m sitting on the couch he’s most likely on my lap or laying on part of me. He may roam to love on other people some but he always ends up back on me. He’s my noisemaker. I’ve never heard a dog as vocal as him even when he’s just rolling around on the couch which is normally done with his face down in a cushion & his butt way up in the air. He makes what I like to call dinosaur noises which is why we’ve called him Rex sometimes but it just cracks me up when he makes those silly sounds. He also has a toilet paper addiction. Anytime he’s left out whether it’s just because I’m in the shower or he gets bored I guess – the toilet paper gets it. Not only does he string it out & most of it off the roll but he then tears it up into tiny tiny pieces. He also got in trouble recently AGAIN for attacking the toilet paper – see picture below.

 photo 2762C052-99F1-4529-8738-9D5F12373750_zpskpqwcuqq.jpg

I do dearly love all of my boys even though they all have their quirks because they’re all also sweet cuddly spoiled babies but I wouldn’t change a thing except maybe for less destruction, that would be great. They do tolerate the outfits I put on them though but in my defense they always get treats afterwards & they know it so it’s not like I’m mean. With that being said, the boys wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas:

 photo 2D0FF072-F083-4585-B57A-6C4608DE5F35_zpsrhdsi5gl.jpg

Blaze, Sir & Leonidas

Here we go…

Okay, I’m really getting on a kick with the organizing/rearranging of things. Yesterday at work I had this sudden jolt of borderline genius ideas of what to rearrange at home. It suddenly clicked that several systems I’m using are not that beneficial & could be put to much better use elsewhere. I immediately started making a list of all the ideas for each room so I wouldn’t forget them. I actually went through several yesterday when I got home & I’m very pleased with the changes so far. I’ll list a few here because I’m that happy with the changes & also that proud that I got all of this done in just a couple of hours yesterday evening

  1. Cleared off the old computer stand & sorted through everything that was on it to relocate or trash
  2. Moved said computer stand outside to be sent off with the trash which gave my living room a whole new area of space
  3. Rearranged several items in the kitchen for more convenience & smart storage:
    • Moved less used items to the microwave cart that is a little hard to access than the cabinets
    • Moved less used glasses {margarita/tall beer mug/ect} to a cabinet that was empty which allowed more room & easier access to regularly used glasses {i.e. coffee cups :) }
    • ^ previous changes allowed me to put all of my crockpots of different sizes together which makes much more sense
    • Organized several bowls & skillets so it looks much better in that cabinet & also made them much easier to access
    • Moved my Ultimate Brownie Pan box to a weird corner cabinet which freed up more space for more regularly used pans {cookie sheets/muffin tins/etc}
  4. I had an old shredder that was broken but had still been sitting in my kitchen for at least a year (it was broken before I even moved in yet somehow it still made the trip to the new house). Anyway I had the bright idea to use that guy in the laundry room as a “lint trashcan.” It may sound silly but the way my house is laid out & where trash cans are is all off & with the dogs there’s always a super decent amount of lint/dog hair after every.single.load so this actually made perfect since & I came to appreciate it during the 3 loads of laundry I did yesterday evening.
  5. I also rearranged the baking cabinet because I had the cookbooks on an easy access shelf when I don’t really use them all that often & I had cookie mix & other more regularly used items down lower. I did a switcheroo & brought the regularly used food baskets up to the easier access shelf. Everything is still accessible it just makes much more sense now which possibly means more cookies & who doesn’t want that?

I actually did get a small start on the exercise front too. I took Leonidas (I chose him because he needs the leash walking experience & he’s in the cage all day because he’s still in the chewing/pottying in the house randomly stage so any extra exercise is really good) to the park with my cousin & his dog & that was a good start. Unfortunately the weather has been pretty much rain here lately so we only went the one day but I definitely want to go more. I’ve made the conscious decision to use my Fitbit as a starter goal. It suggests 10,000 steps including 6 floors a day for a total of 70,000 steps per week. That really doesn’t seem that bad but I’m only averaging 3,500 steps or so per day & that’s terrible! Even the day we walked at the park I only got 6,403 steps that day. I miss the days when I went to Zumba several times per week because I hit my goal almost every week & had so much more energy. Honestly I just can’t afford it at this point in time but hopefully soon I can because I really enjoyed it. Until then I’ll have to suck it up & walk or find another way to meet my goals but I’m going to make it happen!


Delayed but not cancelled…

Well so much for the fitness start – it pretty much didn’t happen … yet lol I haven’t given up though; my start has just been delayed. I will say I’ve been getting organized more little by little & I like it. I definitely have so much clutter around here though & I need to be tossing a good bit of it so fingers crossed that I can get jumpstarted on that soon. On a random note – I can’t wait for Spring/Summer to be here because I’m over the rainy weather & more than ready for some cookouts!

My babies are getting so big too. Leonidas will be a year old on February 1st & I hate it. I love having my boys at the puppy stage. Though I’m very much ready to be over the chewing up everything, randomly going to bathroom on the house, having to be in the cage when Mommy is gone stage.

I threw together a “recipe” if you will that I saw on Pinterest. I quote it because it’s more of a bit of a snack but basically it was bananas in between 2 vanilla wafers & I added peanut butter to it. Perhaps I had my expectations too high, but it wasn’t as great as I had imagined though. It’s definitely not the worst thing I’ve ever had but I think I’ll stick to regular old peanut butter & bananas in the future.

I just wanted to throw a short & sweet one out there but hopefully I’ll have some good fitness updates soon … hopefully.


The boys


What better way to introduce my babies than to post a photo of them with their ridiculously pathetic “sad puppy” faces? Blaze (left) is 4 years old, 100 lbs (though he think he’s a 25 lb lap dog), he has a super vicious sounding bark but he’s sweet as can be, he listens, he loves to have his picture taken & will sit for the camera & he is a huge cuddle bug. Leonidas (right) on the other hand is my 11 month old hellion. He’s about 50 lbs, has a puny bark but he sure tries to sound like a badass, he has more energy than I have ever seen in a dog that I hope is just the puppy in him & he makes the silliest faces I’ve ever seen. They both give me lots of love & laughter & I don’t suppose I could ask for much more.