16 for 2016

I suck at consistency, obviously. Not just with this but with SO many things in life especially as far as my goals which is really sad because it just means I don’t want them bad enough yet. I’m not giving up though. This is going to be my year! We are in the process of buying a house right now – thank the Lord! So far everything is great we are just waiting on the appraisal which shouldn’t be a problem.

There are so many benefits that this new house can bring & I can’t wait for it! It has so much more room which means easier organization though we will still be purging before the move. With 3 bedrooms it also means that I can do my workouts in the bedroom while Paul is downstairs & baby girl has her own room which means I will be more likely to do them. Plus it’s in a nice area so I can run in the evenings when it’s not freezing after Paul gets home & it’s not on the main road.

Inspired by my IDWTBAT girls I made a list of goals for this year. Us moving will affect a lot of them so it’ll still be a bit before I can really get progress going on them, but it’s going to happen!


  1. Cleaner house
  2. Budget
  3. Family night
  4. Date night about once a month
  5. Exercise at least 3X week
  6. Walk 4X week
  7. Menu plan & meal prep
  8. Lose weight – even if it’s 20 lbs
  9. Purge a lot of stuff
  10. Get things organized & keep it that way
  11. More family time – his & mine
  12. Keep dogs brushed
  13. Get better with makeup
  14. Dress more fashionable – not sure if that’s the right word I want lol
  15. Look decent/good in leggings — yes that’s a real goal for me
  16. Be more consistent with everything

I know these are some serious goals but I have every intention of working on all of them & this new house gives me so much opportunity for SO much! I can’t wait. Our original closing date which was just from the date we made the offer is 2/17 but I’m hoping the appraisal & everything will get done so it can happen before then.

Here’s to goals, consistency & more updates!



I’m not very good at updating this thing, am I? haha We’ve found out our little baby to be is a girl which we are excited about. We only said boy initially because they’re easier. I say that being a female myself, growing up with a high maintenance sister & previously dating a guy who had both a son & daughter. Don’t get me wrong – I loved them both but she had MAJOR attitude from an early age & unfortunately I remember my bad attitude through my teenage years. But we’re VERY excited for her to get here. She’s already been spoiled a great deal because Auntie April (my sister) has already gone shopping for the baby quite frequently already.

No luck on the house yet. We’ve found several that we like from the website but when we get there, we know it’s just not the one. We still look but we’ve accepted the fact that we may still be in my house come December when she will be here.

The budget hasn’t really made much process. I do try harder but honestly I have been ordering some stuff for the baby when I see good deals that wasn’t originally in the budget so that throws things off a bit. I really struggle with self control on deals some days – it’s a known issue. Also being female doesn’t help lol

Paul was a liar as far as doing the dishes but he did buy me a dishwasher which I must say has made a great improvement. I don’t despise dishes near as bad & I’ve grown to love my dishwasher & never want to live without one again haha It’s definitely made cleaning the kitchen much easier.

I don’t want to jump the gun & say I’m in the nesting phase because it hasn’t been major & the house still has a ways to go, but I have made some improvements & I’m still working on it daily. The first 3 months I was too tired & sick to do much of anything but after that I’ve felt pretty good most days. However the fatigue is coming back so some days I struggle to do anything besides throw a load of laundry in. My main thing these days is to get the house in order so it won’t be so hard to maintain plus people will be coming over once the baby is home so I’ve got to whip it into shape before long. It’s coming along, just slower than I’d like.

Paul had complained before about my kitchen utensil basket because the stuff gets dust on it because it’s in an open basket & I had to agree with him. I love my dogs & would never give them up but they cause an ungodly amount of dust even up on top of the deep freezer somehow. Anyway, Paul was right & the other day at the dollar store I finally decided to grab a couple clear boxes that closed which will keep the utensils in arms reach but also keep them clean & dust free – yay for a win (picture below)! Also Pinterest inspired me again with this awesome looking pot rack for the cabinet from none other than a shower rod (picture below). While this looked awesome & I was able to create it at home, it only lasted about 15 minutes before crashing down. I do think part of the problem was I didn’t have the rod tight enough because it didn’t feel like I was tightening much so I’m going to have Paul look at it to see if he can get it rigged up better  hopefully we can still use it like that. If not, it was a good thought I guess lol

I’ll try to update this more, I really will. & I’m sure when I’m off with the baby I’ll want to post every little thing she does but before then –  I have to get my house ready & in order. So here’s to hoping I have more progress pictures soon of my clean & organized house lol



Happy New Year – 2014

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve – I did. It was filled with way too many bad food that tasted wayy too good but I did get to ring it in with a few of my favorite people so that’s always a plus. It’s funny because I made a list on the 1st of goals for the year & didn’t even realized I called them goals. Later on IG I saw a post where someone had the definition for goals & resolutions & I realized what I’d done – but I like the thought of goals better & somehow they don’t seem so dreadful even if it’s all in my head.

I’ll go ahead & share them since that helps keep me accountable:
-Eat healthier
-Pay down debt
-Cleaner house
-More organized

Yes there’s only goals 4 & I may add more to it later but for now I’m happy with them. I know the pay down debt goal will happen thanks to my debt consolidation program because I already see a great progress with it & I’m so happy I took that step. I just hope finances/budgeting works so I can pay it off sooner since 2017 seems SO far away. Speaking of budgeting I finally did it. I won’t start it until my first paycheck in January which will be next Friday but I made up my own Excel type format in Gmail of a budget so here’s to hoping I can stick to it & figure it out to make it work for me. I also found a printout that helped something click in my mind. I’ll find it & link to it but it was basically a daily expense tracker but there were 2 columns I’d never seen on one before & they were “want” & “need” columns. Wow! Talk about a wake up call. For awhile now I’d written down each purchase I make daily to balance my account but I’d never thought to really look at them & classify them as a want or a need. I think that will really help me to not make some purchases since I want to get out of debt more than I “want” that splurge I don’t really need. Oh Dave Ramsey, we’re going to have a love/hate relationship for awhile but I’m sure I will thank you later.

Speaking of splurges I did make one last splurge of 2013 on T25 – the workout program. I love TurboFire but sometimes I just can’t finish the videos because I feel like it takes up a lot of time. As if I’m so important & have somewhere else to be? Yeah right lol I think I saw a picture that said 25 minutes is 2% of your day so what’s your excuse? I hope that’s right anyway – I’m terrible at math! Anyways I thought 25 minutes isn’t bad at all & as long as it’s fun it can usually keep my interest – I loved Zumba, I just can’t afford the classes right now. So here’s to hoping T25 is as fun as the previews look & can keep my interest. I’m sure it’ll be hard at first since I’m so out’ve shape but if it’s fun I usually get pumped up on endorphins after a few minutes of sweating so let’s hope Sean T is the man to help make it happen. I’m going to try to eat healthier too. I know it will be gradual & take time & Lord help me because I’m terrible at having patience but I follow a lot of healthy IG’s & I’m hoping to stay inspired from them. This is something I really want & I love reaching goals plus like I’ve said before – who doesn’t want to look good naked? If you say you don’t, I’m sorry but you’re a liar. That’s another thing – I saw on an IG of Kelly’s (which I’ll link to it later) where she had some things listed that might make you want to get healthier/workout & one of them was something about being confident with the lights on. Amen, preach it girl! I think that’s what pushed me to order the T25 because that spoke straight to my heart because I’ve had an issue with that for the past several months & while I’ve gotten better at having some light on (men are very visual after all) I think I’d still be perfectly happy with it being entirely dark which is what I was used to before but what’s the fun in that?

So here’s to hoping for a healthier & even happier 2014, let’s do this!

Christmas 2013 update

I wasn’t sure how to word this & I’m still not so bear with me. We lost my wonderful mawmaw Geraldine on December 21st. She’d been sick with cancer & hadn’t felt good for months & she’s a Christian woman who was more than ready to go meet the Lord. While it was still hard on us here it helped a great deal that she was so ready & willing to go – it was almost like we could be happy for her because it’s what she wanted & had sort’ve lived her whole life for. She was our last grandparent which is really sad but we were blessed to have amazing grandparents even for a short while & I know now Heaven has some wonderful angels!

Well I managed to survive Christmas without using credit cards (not that I had a choice since they’re in a debt consolidation program, but still). The desire & dependency was still there even after all these months without using them. I think it’s because patience is something I’m terrible with & since I didn’t plan ahead I didn’t want to wait until I got paid to buy some gifts. But I had to because I didn’t have credit cards to fall back on. I still have my oldest sister & brother in law to buy for but luckily they aren’t coming in until next week & I get paid Friday so thankfully that worked out really well. The ones I already bought for still came out pretty good even with my budget way down, I just hope I can budget to up it a little once my credit cards are paid off.

I got some wonderful gifts – much more than I deserved as all. My favorite was a personal appearance from Paul Bunyan rocking some Santa wear. He wouldn’t let me take a picture, but I’ll never forget it. That’s an inside joke so I’m sure many of you won’t understand but I wanted it written down for a memory hopefully years from now because I would love for Paul to hang around that long.

I got a new set of cooking pans which is awesome because I’ve really been needing them since the ex moved out years ago. I’m not one to so much splurge on myself as I am to buy gifts for others that make me think of them. Even though that would’ve been a useful gift I didn’t have the spare money & never got around to it. Hopefully this will help with my budget so I can meal prep more & plan ahead for the weeks to come & eat healthier in the meantime. Rob is wanting to drop some weight too so hopefully we can figure out some healthy meals for dinner. My aunt who always buys the best gifts ever also bought me this ear warmers that have headphones attached inside (see what I mean!) & it’s perfect because I’d recently been thinking how badly I need to get back on track with walking/jogging. I felt so good when I was doing it before & cold weather shouldn’t be stopping me for as little time as I was out there doing it. Plus I’d mentioned before how NOT sexy it is when your man’s hand lands on a fat roll when you’re spooning, right? Yeah well it’s also not sexy at all when he’s caressing you during adult activities & grabs a fat roll. This shit has got to go! The fitness ladies I follow on IG have been a big motivation to get my butt in gear besides I feel so much better when I exercise & plus who doesn’t want to feel good/sexy when you’re naked. That’s what it’s all about right? I’m kidding … maybe.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & is gearing up for the new year!


Yes, I literally titled this post “Slackapotamus.”

Has it really been a month since I posted last? That’s just terrible. My life is nowhere near that exciting that I don’t have enough time to throw a quick update on here.

I’m still working on the bedrooms. I have finally acknowledged the fact that I have too much junk. It’s actually nice stuff but I call it junk because it serves no purpose for me except to take up space I don’t have so I need to start thinking of it as junk so I can get rid of it. I’m terribly bad at being one of those people who keep things because “I’ll use it one day.” No I won’t & I know that yet I can’t part with some of this junk. Maybe because I don’t have an overflow of extra money in case I would need said junk replaced? Who knows but I’m working on it.

Not much progress as far as the Dave Ramsey envelope system. I still like it & want to do it but just plain don’t have the self control yet. I’m a disaster! Can I just say that Christmas is extra difficult when you don’t have credit cards at your leisure & you didn’t plan ahead & have money saved like a smart person would’ve. Luckily the ones in my family that I buy for isn’t a huge # but our limit is definitely going to be brought down a bit this year because I honestly just can’t swing it & I’m not ashamed to admit I made horribly poor credit card choices in the past that I’m still paying for today. Hopefully I can get the hang of this soon though.

My boys (the dogs) are still wonderfully amazing as always even though they dirty up my couch with their filthy paws & shed like it’s going out’ve style. My baby Blaze is 5 years old today! I remember when I got him at 5 weeks how excited I was to see him & I still get excited everyday when I come home to him. He’s the biggest baby & such a fun boy. I’ll try to post some birthday pictures later.

As far as weight loss I don’t have much to update there. I pretty much fell off the exercise wagon but I need to get back on it asap especially since my blood pressure is starting to hit the high levels & it’s because of my excess weight. Not to mention I’ve got to do something about my belly pudge any way. You know the belly pudge is bad when you’re cuddling in bed at night & your guy wraps his arm across you & his hand lands on a fat roll. Sexy, right? NOT AT ALL! Luckily he’s wonderful & doesn’t care but I do & I hate it. It’s got to go!

Speaking of going can we have a moment of silence for the end of No Shave November. :( I’m not a super huge facial hair person but I’ve grown to enjoy a well groomed beard on a good looking man & I’m sad to see part of it go. He’ll still keep his beard for the most part but it won’t be as thick & I can admit I’m sad to see it go.

Thanksgiving was wonderful – so much great food & good times with family. I really enjoy it & I’m so glad all of our family gets together to spend the time with each other. It’s definitely a blessing. I hope everyone had a wonderful November & Thanksgiving now we just have to try to be prepared for Christmas! It’ll be here before we know it – yikes!

Is Mother Nature on crack?

Where is my Fall weather?? This is not cooler temperatures & hoodie weather! I am not a happy camper right now! This past week I went to the Pumpkin Festival with my mom & sister like we do every year but it was no hoodie weather like it’s supposed to be. It doesn’t really seem like cooler weather is happening anytime soon either. The leaves are falling & some already have beautiful colors but this heat has got to go!

Okay enough complaining because I’m not one to complain but I’m sorry, I’m not a hot weather person. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Summer, but it’s only supposed to be here for a few months :) Jamie & I have been walking again which feels awesome! It’s great it general to be able to walk even normal walking without pain in my ankle. It was really bad & so I am very thankful to be pain free on a regular basis. We did the 5k which was fun, but I have to say the Dirty Girl 5k was much more fun. Then again the Dirty Girl did have mud, obstacles & beer at the end so that’s hard to beat. haha The Color Run wasn’t bad though – the color blast areas were fun & the dance party afterwards was good. We weren’t doing it for the time but we didn’t do too terrible. We jogged some parts though mostly we walked – but at a good pace. I did see some people cutting across though & coming back early to not complete the entire walk & I felt pretty proud of myself that I didn’t even think to be a cheater like that. I certainly didn’t do it for the time, but I wouldn’t dare claim that I completed the 5k if I didn’t even walk the entire distance. Bums!

I’ve been spending more time on Pinterest again because #1 I’m addicted & I have no shame in that & #2 there are some amazing ideas on there (not to mention great recipes). Recently I saw a pin someone had linked to a blog that shows you how to hang clothes quicker. As I read the post it sounded like a decent idea & when I watched the video I thought this sounds silly but that looks like she hung clothes much quicker than I ever do. I’m great at staying on laundry & keeping it washed & dried but as far as actually folding it & putting it up promptly … I’m more likely to fluff clothes in the dryer 3-4 times before I get around to it. However the other day I personally tried out her shortcut to hanging up clothes & it took MUCH less time than before. I love these smart women who are great enough to share their tricks with the rest of the world! Here is the link to the YouTube clip of her demonstration. I also saw on Pinterest this morning a trick for using pants hangers for boots. Which was good timing because I’d been trying to think lately of how to store my boots. I don’t have very many pairs but they take up a lot of room & my shoe stand at the door doesn’t have a place for boots so they just all sit in the floor which gets in the way & on my nerves. So I tried it out & sure enough it worked! I’m not super crazy about it for a permanent solution but for right now to get the boots out of the way & out of sight – I’ll take it! Here is the pin that shows the picture of how to hang boots. I don’t have pants hangers like that – the clips don’t slide on them but I just pinched the boots together & clipped one boot on each clip & it works just fine. It’s not as pretty as the picture, but I wasn’t going for pretty just convenient & since it got them off my floor I’d say that’s a success.

I’m trying to stay motivated to do more things around the house to make it more useful & more into the home I want. Since my funds are low that’s not exactly easy, but I don’t expect to get it all done at once & thanks to pinterest I’m finding a lot of cheaper options & DIY’s for things I want to do. It’s hard to see so much of my paycheck going to credit card debt every month – but I made the bad choices that got me there so I have to deal with it. I just keep telling myself in a few years when it’s all paid off, I’ll be glad & not let myself get back into that terrible situation again. I won’t know what to do with all that extra money. Just kidding! Thanks to Dave Ramsey I know exactly what I’ll be doing with it  & paying on credit cards won’t be a part of it!

Yes, I’m still alive

Well somebody's been a slacker – yes, that would be me. I don't know what happens. I get on kicks & do great with updating even with pictures (which we all know gets bonus points) & then sometimes it's as if I fell off the face of the planet. But – go ahead & cancel the search party, I'm still here.

I’ve been enjoying Summer so the organizing sort’ve got put on the back burner. The house isn’t a total disaster, but it’s far from what it could be. I’ve realized I have a LOT of stuff I should probably get rid of because I’m bad about being one of those people that keeps things for “one day” & sure enough that day never comes. I’ve really enjoyed my Summer so far if that counts for anything :)

I also celebrated a birthday & while I’m not over the hill or close to it yet, I am already at the point that I don’t really care about them anymore. I do still enjoy cake & getting everybody together. I had a few friends & some family over & honestly it was probably one of the best birthdays that I’ve had yet. & I FINALLY got a flip n fold after asking for one for YEARS. Yes, I know I could’ve just bought one myself but that’s not the point. Needless to say Paul got moved to the top of my list for that one!

As far as finances, yeah that hasn’t got much better. I actually took out another loan to buy a truck off my dad. Just what I need right? A new payment & additional cost on my insurance. I do really want a truck & it’s proved to be beneficial so far but I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to keep it.

For fitness I had been on a walking kick & doing really good. I pushed myself a few times to reach the 1 mile mark before turning around (which make for a 2mile trip total woohoo). I tell you – 2 miles on a track & 2 miles up a rural hilly road are WAY different. I actually prefer the rural road to be honest because you don’t see the exact same scenery each time like you do when walking on a track. I haven’t walked for a few weeks now & I’m disappointed in myself & I can tell I’m lacking for energy too. I’m walking tonight though regardless of the weather & I’ve been trying to really get myself motivated to get more active & eat better. So here’s to progress!