Is Mother Nature on crack?

Where is my Fall weather?? This is not cooler temperatures & hoodie weather! I am not a happy camper right now! This past week I went to the Pumpkin Festival with my mom & sister like we do every year but it was no hoodie weather like it’s supposed to be. It doesn’t really seem like cooler weather is happening anytime soon either. The leaves are falling & some already have beautiful colors but this heat has got to go!

Okay enough complaining because I’m not one to complain but I’m sorry, I’m not a hot weather person. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Summer, but it’s only supposed to be here for a few months :) Jamie & I have been walking again which feels awesome! It’s great it general to be able to walk even normal walking without pain in my ankle. It was really bad & so I am very thankful to be pain free on a regular basis. We did the 5k which was fun, but I have to say the Dirty Girl 5k was much more fun. Then again the Dirty Girl did have mud, obstacles & beer at the end so that’s hard to beat. haha The Color Run wasn’t bad though – the color blast areas were fun & the dance party afterwards was good. We weren’t doing it for the time but we didn’t do too terrible. We jogged some parts though mostly we walked – but at a good pace. I did see some people cutting across though & coming back early to not complete the entire walk & I felt pretty proud of myself that I didn’t even think to be a cheater like that. I certainly didn’t do it for the time, but I wouldn’t dare claim that I completed the 5k if I didn’t even walk the entire distance. Bums!

I’ve been spending more time on Pinterest again because #1 I’m addicted & I have no shame in that & #2 there are some amazing ideas on there (not to mention great recipes). Recently I saw a pin someone had linked to a blog that shows you how to hang clothes quicker. As I read the post it sounded like a decent idea & when I watched the video I thought this sounds silly but that looks like she hung clothes much quicker than I ever do. I’m great at staying on laundry & keeping it washed & dried but as far as actually folding it & putting it up promptly … I’m more likely to fluff clothes in the dryer 3-4 times before I get around to it. However the other day I personally tried out her shortcut to hanging up clothes & it took MUCH less time than before. I love these smart women who are great enough to share their tricks with the rest of the world! Here is the link to the YouTube clip of her demonstration. I also saw on Pinterest this morning a trick for using pants hangers for boots. Which was good timing because I’d been trying to think lately of how to store my boots. I don’t have very many pairs but they take up a lot of room & my shoe stand at the door doesn’t have a place for boots so they just all sit in the floor which gets in the way & on my nerves. So I tried it out & sure enough it worked! I’m not super crazy about it for a permanent solution but for right now to get the boots out of the way & out of sight – I’ll take it! Here is the pin that shows the picture of how to hang boots. I don’t have pants hangers like that – the clips don’t slide on them but I just pinched the boots together & clipped one boot on each clip & it works just fine. It’s not as pretty as the picture, but I wasn’t going for pretty just convenient & since it got them off my floor I’d say that’s a success.

I’m trying to stay motivated to do more things around the house to make it more useful & more into the home I want. Since my funds are low that’s not exactly easy, but I don’t expect to get it all done at once & thanks to pinterest I’m finding a lot of cheaper options & DIY’s for things I want to do. It’s hard to see so much of my paycheck going to credit card debt every month – but I made the bad choices that got me there so I have to deal with it. I just keep telling myself in a few years when it’s all paid off, I’ll be glad & not let myself get back into that terrible situation again. I won’t know what to do with all that extra money. Just kidding! Thanks to Dave Ramsey I know exactly what I’ll be doing with it  & paying on credit cards won’t be a part of it!


Down & Out

A little over 2 weeks ago – I think it was Tuesday 8/20 I had some serious pain in my right ankle so bad where it hurt to walk at all. I obviously toughed it out to still do normal walking but I put my walking/jogging exercise on hold which I hated! Finally that Friday I went to Medexpress because it wasn’t any better & found out I had tendinitis which unfortunately there’s no quick fix for. :( You basically have to rest, ice it & where a brace/wrap & hope for the best. Here we are 2 weeks later & I’m no better. I have good days where it doesn’t hurt much & I think I’m in the clear but then the next day I’m in excruciating pain. I can’t express how much I hate not walking! I’m so much more irritable & in a foul mood. Not to mention when the weather is cooler on some days (which means Fall is just around the corner – YAY!) it’s even worse because I love being outside especially then. This is probably one of the worst things I’ve ever gone through because there’s no quick fix it’s just a wait it out kind of thing & patience is not one of my virtues.

On a better note we finally got the “new” bed frame put up. I quote new because I bought it used but it still looked to be in decent condition. Keyword looked. I think part of the problem is it’s metal & those are never great bed frames anyway in my opinion. This one will work for now but it’s already tilted in & looks quite pitiful. Oh well, it beats having the mattress & box springs on the floor – I think. haha

So I’m trying to use my down time to reorganize the house & purge. I haven’t made much progress because I had been hoping I’d be all healed up by now but since it doesn’t seem to be a quick process I might as well make myself useful at home. Fingers crossed this goes well! I’ve never been an organized person & lord knows it doesn’t come natural to me, but there’s always hope right?

At least Fall is around the corner … cooler weather, beautiful colors, bonfires & hoodies – sign me up! :)