Liar liar

I’m the biggest liar huh? While honestly I would love to update this thing regularly I’ve accepted I am one of THE worst at time management. No joke, it’s pathetic.

I had my beautiful baby girl in December & she’s been absolutely AMAZING! Sadly, I’m back to work but I loved my time off with her & look forward to spending my evenings with her. She’s a super good baby which helps things also – she’s absolutely the best!

I always try to do updates after being MIA so here goes:

The budget is still non existent. I try & I at least plan out most of my paychecks but I can’t grasp the budget in a way that will work for more. I haven’t given up though & still pin stuff to read later when I’m browsing pinterest at the early AM feeding. I’m hoping one day it will click for me.

The nesting didn’t really last. I did some stuff but my house is still a disaster. It’s so far from what I want it to be. I don’t know how people have such clean & nice homes most of the time. They can’t have dogs that shed & a full time job lol Sweeping I don’t mind & it doesn’t take long but I can never seem to stay on top of the dog hair it’s crazy. Laundry is about the only thing I can keep up good with & that’s pushing it because I make it all the way to being folded but struggle with getting it into the drawers. At least we have clean clothes though, right?

I’ve been in the mood a lot recently to just purge & get rid of the stuff especially since we don’t have the room for it & I’ve had it with being cluttered in. So here’s to hoping the mood stays with me. I remember back when I did a big cleaning before I was with Paul & had the front bedroom showing SO much carpet & I was so proud. The kiddo is in there now & the poor guy has a good bit of our clutter to deal with simply because we don’t have room at this house. Some of it can go though & I plan to go through it soon to get rid of it. I want him to like his room & for him to want to keep it clean.

We really don’t have any broken or junk stuff, we just have a lot of stuff we don’t exactly NEED. It could be useful stuff IF we had the room for it. That’s the mentality I have to get past – that just because it’s still good & useful doesn’t mean I need to keep it. I don’t have the room for it therefore it’s of no use to me. Paul is bad about that too which doesn’t help things but we’re both trying to purge down what we can as we still continue to combine 3 houses – yikes. I’ll try to update this more, I promise. Hopefully I’ll be back with tons of great before & afters … hopefully.


New Year, New Me (hopefully anyway) :)

So here I am again – the start of a new year & hoping to actually buckle down & get this thing going. I’m hoping to meet all (or at least most) of my resolutions this year. I feel like everyone says that or at least hopes for it every year, yet we keep setting most of the same resolutions because we didn’t meet them last year. I will say I did successfully meet some of mine from last year though I’d have to look at my list to see how many exactly.

Of course everyone wants to know what your resolutions are & I feel it might hold me more accountable to put it all out there so here it is:

2013 Resolutions

  1. Lose weight / eat healthier / exercise more
  2. Cook more
  3. Get out of debt as much as possible
  4. Take more pictures
  5. Work on the house

Those are in no particular order & I don’t think that’s all of my goals, but it’s not a bad start. I want to put “Pay off car” on there just for shits & giggles because my last car payment will be next Friday, but I won’t haha That will be a nice relief to have that payment gone. It would be an even bigger & more enjoyable relief if I didn’t have so much other debt. Dave Ramsey – speak to my soul & help me make my debt amount a lot smaller ~ Amen.

I’ve read several Dave Ramsey books & as crappy as my math/financial skills are – his words made perfect sense. Not to mention the freebie information you can get online is simple enough that a monkey could understand it. I just have issues with the self discipline part. Does that count as a confession? Isn’t the first step admitting you have a problem? Hopefully that means I’m off to a good start!